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Sobre Os Conceitos errados advindos de nomes como “vida” e “origins”

sexta-feira, novembro 3rd, 2017


No matter what one understands to be the cause of crop circles, whether they are all human-made or involve aquifers, ley lines, divine feminine energy, ancient sacred sites, ball lightning or even UFOs, crop circles bring to the fore a mysterious disconnection between language and the visible, as described in Jean-François Lyotard’s book Discourse, Figure.

The French philosopher argues there is an unstable relationship between linguistic meaning and units of signification, that is, the visible patterns of words, dreams, symbols and visual art. Because there is no inherent meaning in any given signifier (meaning always relies on another word and a wider context), and art and symbols are conceptually opaque by default, they necessarily defy easy rational understanding

ShareThis: Nao funcionando, problema de certificate

sexta-feira, novembro 3rd, 2017


Nao esta enviando os posts do website para o Facebook e aparece este quadro:

This site is not secure

This might mean that someone’s trying to fool you or steal any info you send to the server. You should close this site immediately.

Go to your Start page

The website’s security certificate is not yet valid or has expired.