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Luz : Interessante questão – Diferença entre nossa luz branca e a luz branca universal

quinta-feira, novembro 16th, 2017


Esta questao surgiu ao pensar na frase do Richard Feymann e em seguida ao escrever o comentario copiado abaixo no Google+ :



Richard Feynman

Fantastico! Feymann esta vivo nesta foto? Clique na imagem e observe seu olho

“It’s the facts that matter, not the proofs. Physics can progress without the proofs, but we can’t go on without the facts… if the facts are right, then the proofs are a matter of playing around with the algebra correctly.” – Richard Feymann

Louis Charles Morelli – From Matrix/DNA – 11/16/17
That’s my problem with the universal formula Nature has applied for organizing matter into working systems. I am collecting thousands of evidences, several predictions already confirmed, but… This formula is under evolution, so it is changing since the Big Bang and its best state would be as closed perfect system, but it do not exists and never will exist ( it would be a eternal perpetuum motor, so, the Universe would finishes). It first manifestation was in shape of entire product of radiation of the electromagnetic spectrum. So, we know that the entire set of seven colors of visible light are different wavelengths of white light and we can see it. But, what will be the kind of lightwave resulting from the seven frequencies of the whole spectrum? We can’t see this lightwave. So, I can’t prove the formula…