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A Marca Negra da Matrix/DNA

domingo, abril 22nd, 2018


Comprovado esta’ o fenomeno em que alguns individuos humanos passam a viada inteira sob uma opressao negativa, de origem e essencia misteriosa. Com a nova ideia do holograma matricial pairando sobre especies e dirigindo-as a serem organizadas em sistema social na imagem da formula da Matrix/DNA, vem a ideia de que estes individuos sao estigmatizados com alguma especie de marca, e no momento em que nascem. Seria uma marca como o sinal de Caim na testa, um sinal de maldicao, e impresso nos rebeldes ao sistema fechado que veio do passado astronomico. Estes individuos estariam empunhando a bandeira dos sistemas abertos, e por todas suas “reincarnacoes”.

Fica mais esse topico em aberto para refletir e pesquisar.

No estilo da Matrix/DNA, comparando o fenomeno dos sem-teto com entropia dos sistemas, surge uma sugestao

domingo, abril 22nd, 2018


The Housing First Approach to Homeless

Meu comentario publicado no TED em 04/22/18

My two cents:

1) You had been raised on a cattle ranch, where you learned caring the cattle, fixing things, etc. You don’t want to be a homeless. Now, you want a homeless living in a apartment in a city? Any job will not pay their bills and getting a progress saving something. What motive he/her will have to leave, other than waiting the death? Living to the expenses of the State, there is no other alternative. But,… what would happen if the homeless is giving the opportunity to be raise himself like you were, in a small ranch…? Will them going back to be homeless? Equal species,…equal behavior?

2) Homeless ( added by the unemployed, etc) is the human social system result like the free radicals are the results of any natural system’s entropy. Entropy causes fragments or electrons of a electrical circuit going out of the normal flow. The city of Roma was burned by the homeless surrounding the center, living at those “projects”, meaning that entropy was unstoppable in the Roman Empire. In a closed system ( maybe like the conservative state of Utah) the free radicals are not expelled out, they go internal towards the nucleus, the matrix, which makes the whole system to collapse. At opened systems, entropy is kept under control, because the free radicals has open doors to go out of the system. Americans will not expel the homeless. But, humans are not like non-rational natural systems, as atoms, galaxies. Humans has intelligence and feelings. These traits permit to us to drive the flow to a new direction, neither towards the nucleus, neither towards outside. I think the right alternative is driving the entropic flow to a chosen place inside the system, and the human feelings will care that this place will be good to the homeless. Again, the suggestion of the first item comes back: farming.