Video com o Melhor Debate Entre Religião x Ateísmo e Meu Post Critico


Richard Dawkins takes on Religion: Al-Jazeera TV

E meu comentario publicado no Youtube:

Louis Charles Morelli Dec -28- 2015

Three things I found wrong about Dawkins message:

1) Believing in ” something from nothing” and then, bringing on the belief in billions of universes. why? Nobody can bringing on the Universe over the table for demonstrating a scientific fact about it. So, any hypothesis about the whole universe is merely metaphysics, not Science.

2) Genes are merely a bunch of atoms. Anthropomorphising them, projecting human traits over them, given “personality to them as selfishness, as the rational metaphysic propose to multiply and surviving, is not scientific, because tendencies, proposes, are not real objects, so, Science can not see them in a bunch of atoms. Believing in these things prejudices Science because it selects the next data to be find and build a hand-caped world view.

3) Dawkins comes from class media, so, it can not understand what the real life of a poor and slaved person is. I can, because I was born homeless He does not know that for that person, suicide is the best rational alternative he/she has. Why supporting a life under torture? Being an agnostic, a rationalist, but against any kind of violence against others, I planned my suicide four times, without any religion telling for doing it. So the basics for suicide is economics. And the basics for politics is pure economics. Religion only furnishes the guns. So, if Dawkins is against suicide bombers, why he focus on religion and not on the predation being made by his own social class, when vampirizing the cheap work of slaves? If Dawkins want a better and peaceful humanity, why he does not fight the values coming from Darwinian theory like the survival of the stronger? Natural history has proved it is wrong when leads to suppression and extinction those fittest, like dinosaurs, lions, eagles, wales, etc. All human social systems created till now, included the British social system is based on the wild jungle rules among animals. So, there are the big predators (the high class), the media predators ( the class media) and the preys ( the slaves workers). For a better humanity is necessary to exorcise this animal inheritance that humans are still carrying out as their moral values. But when Dawkins talks about anthropomorphic selfish genes and theoretical concepts like the survival of fittest, the blind force of evolution, etc., he is doing a bad service to humanity.

And is very convenient to him, keeping him safe from the dirty and manual hard work for producing what he is consuming. By the way, Dawkins still is a little better for us, the preys, than Mehdi Hasan, because his doctrine does not indoctrinate the preys to be satisfied and grateful for their stupid life conditions.To the opposite, they teach the preys to be unified against the predators and revolutionairries.

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