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Físicos estão sugerindo que a Consciência e’ Matéria, um novo estado dela, como o solido, liquido ou gas « The Universal Matrix/DNA – Artigos

Físicos estão sugerindo que a Consciência e’ Matéria, um novo estado dela, como o solido, liquido ou gas


(Isto foi o que pensei a 30 anos atras quando obtive a formula da Matrix/DNA, pois e’ o que a formula sugere. Mas alem desta coincidência de visão sobre o fenômeno da consciência, os pensamentos dos físicos não batem com os meus, alguns dos quais exponho no comentário que publiquei no artigo e copio abaixo. Tenho que copiar o artigo aqui porque vou traduzi-lo e porque o artigo tem muitos tópicos que devem ser pesquisados, para tanto abro abaixo a linha de pesquisa)

(Artigo) – Why Physicists Are Saying Consciousness Is A State Of Matter, Like a Solid, A Liquid Or A Gas


A new way of thinking about consciousness is sweeping through science like wildfire. Now physicists are using it to formulate the problem of consciousness in concrete mathematical terms for the first time

( Paper) – Consciousness as a State of Matter



Hipocampo e seus neurônios. Daqui emerge a Consciência?

Hipocampo e seus neurônios. Daqui emerge a Consciência?


Consciousness is the brain projected to a new state of matter. So, consciousness must be a working system like the image of the brain. Since that brains were formed by a natural formula for natural systems, each part of the brain is reproduced into the consciousness system. So, we have the picture, the face of consciousness, but we don’t grasp its substance, then, we can not see it as a body. It is like a black hole. These are the temporary last conclusions from a different approach called Matrix/DNA Theory. We have the natural formula for systems, so we have the theoretical picture of consciousness and maybe we will get the ability to apply the force from consciousness upon matter before knowing its substance, like we do with light, energy, etc.

Another interesting issue here is why and how consciousness emerges in this Universe. Matrix/DNA Theory is suggesting an explanation:

This Universe is the stage, the egg or placenta, where is occurring a process of genetic/computational reproduction of the unknown thing that produced this universe. The evolution of atom systems to astronomic systems to biological systems is obeying a vital cycle like the evolution of a baby shape to a child shape to a teenager… So, universal evolution ( cosmological + biological) is the evolution of a unique system that is changing its shapes, like humans does. If the theory is right, consciousness is merely a new and more complex shape of this universal system. Then, consciousness must being popping out at others regions of this Universe.

If the theory is right, it means that the principle of consciousness always was here, since the Big Bang. Like the principle of consciousness was present inside the embrionary sac of a new baby since the moment of fecundation. It was not manifested at morula, blastula, fetus shapes, it emerges only after 6 or 8 month after the big bang of a spermatozoon inside an ovule.Same process must be occurring in relation to this egg-universe. Then, our deduction just now is that the relation between brain and consciousness appears to be equal the relation between hardware and software. Our problem now is: what is the substance of the Windows software? Abstract information coming from Bill Gates mind, an external agent outside the machine? Since I don’t have enough knowledge about computers any comments here, we will be grateful…

Comentario publicado a 2 anos atras:

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    This effort is biased, waste of time and money. Reason and logic suggests another method, other modus operandi for researching about consciousness. This issue is not for Physics and Math. They are good for researching about the skeleton of the human body, not for studying the cover of fresh meat and the brain! It is an absurd! And it is not for scientific reductionism, it is for scientific systemic method, because the mind must be a new shape of natural systems.

    The unique application for quantum mechanics here would be the scientists trying to capture the forces linking the mind to the behavior of particles, developing new instruments, but focused on the brain and not on the particle. Instruments focused on particles and its forces is another field, for Physics. At Matrix/DNA Theory we are interested on those instruments for optical Physics, because we are confident that the substance of mind is related to pure natural light. And we are composing the mind anatomically, as a system containing nucleus and interacting parts. ( bem, eu errei aqui quando disse ” forces linking the mind to particles” porque na época não sabia que hoje existe a hipótese de que o responsável pela interação com a partícula e’ a luz refletida nela)

    E um debate interessante, quando o assunto de desvia e se torna deístas x ateístas:

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      The beauty of evolution is it describes things coming from less complex origins. Everything is made from simpler constructs. This is also how things in the universe came to be – a big explosion of energy coalescing into particles/matter, then stars, planets, etc. God, on the other hand, is an omnipotent being that supposedly came into existence then created everything. God, being infinitely complex, came first then created simpler things. That doesn’t make any sense whatsoever.


      You were made as a simple ball. Still as a fetus, you were lots of simplicity. You became complex now, with consciousness, etc. But, before yours initial simplicity there were complexity, from where you was made off: yours parents. Of course, we have a sample here and now that complexity anteced simplicity.


Tradução do artigo:

There’s a quiet revolution underway in theoretical physics. For as long as the discipline has existed, physicists have been reluctant to discuss consciousness, considering it a topic for quacks and charlatans. Indeed, the mere mention of the ‘c’ word could ruin careers.

Existe uma silenciosa e subterrânea revolução na física teórica. Pelo tempo que a disciplina tem existido, os físicos tem sido relutantes em discutir a auto-consciência, considerando ela um tópico para charlatões. De fato, a mera menção da palavra “c” poderia arruinar uma carreira.

( a continuar)


Informações Importantes nos artigos e comentarios:

– why we steadfastly perceive the world in terms of classical, independent systems — rather than one big interconnected quantum mess. (He doesn’t have an answer to this question, incidentally.)

– Tegmark’s paper doesn’t get to the point where we can suddenly say what causes or creates consciousness, but it does go some way towards proving that consciousness is governed by the same laws of physics that govern the rest of the universe — that there isn’t some kind of “secret sauce,” as postulated by mystics and religious types since time immemorial. As far as science is concerned, that’s a rather big relief.

– They already have a mouse brain interacting with hardware, which is serving as its memory bank. If you grow a brain in a petri dish and put it in a mechanical body is that consicouness?

– My intuition tells me that there may be something wrong headed about trying to separate consciousness from life. Does consciousness presuppose life? If so how does this make us think about AI

– We create consciousness all the time. We call them babies



– Googlar isto: Max Tegmark, a theoretical physicist at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology in Cambridge,

– Googlar = neuroscientist Giulio Tononi at the University of Wisconsin in Madison

– Hamiltonian that describes the total energy of the system

– a density matrix that describes the relationship between all the quantum states in the system

– Schrodinger’s equation which describes how these things change with time

– a special network known as a Hopfield neural net automatically has this error-correcting facility

– human brain with 10^11 neurons, can only store 37 bits of integrated information

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