Um Grande Silencio esta’ se Espalhando Sobre o Mundo Natural


Dr. Bernie Krause

Musician and naturalist Bernie Krause has spent 40 years recording over 15,000 species in many of the world’s pristine habitats. Photograph: Courtesy of Hachette Book Group John Vidal, environment editor “The birds are silent in the woods. Just wait: Soon enough You will be quiet too” – Robert Hass

‘A great silence is spreading over the natural world’

My two cents here:

1) Bernie is wrong saying that ” The voices of the wild in their purest states where no [human] noise is present are splendid symphonies.” It is not. I have lived long time in the isolated and wild heart of Amazon jungle, and the general sound is horrible, produced by the chaotic state of Nature. Because our biosphere is product of chaos, coming from the entropy of this astronomical galaxy, which created life inside it. The real and more strong sounds comes from preys being tortured alive by predators, or thunderstorms announcing the fight among clouds. In another hand, the sound of the ordered state of Nature is not the total silence, it emits the cosmic and orchestrated microwave background. As humans we need accommodation in ordered environments and as conscious beings we don’t want watching the action of predators, the pain of other animals. So, yes, we need help natural evolution transforming the chaotic state into a garden planet. Now is time to plan how we must do it. Our problem replacing the chaotic sound by the sound of machines is due we inherited the tendency to be as machines from this machine galaxy. We need to elucidate the world beyond the galaxy, because we need the sound of the Universe.

2)  “No snowflake in an avalanche ever feels responsible”. So, it does not work trying to change individuals. Each individual is a small bubble of primitive consciousness inside a head-egg that is suppose to become the great Earth’s layer of collective consciousness ( as Teilhard di Chardin told it). Will human species be alive till the birth of this collective consciousness? What force can acting to change the course of a unique individual, called collective consciousness? New breakthrough naturalistic discoveries revealing  new meaning of this world. That’s why I am trying Matrix/DNA world view.

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