Desconstrução da Cultura Predatória Matricial de 10.000 anos: O Aliado


Launched in December, 2014, has begun its mission to expose a media-built matrix of fabrications being promoted against the public interest.

Backed by a cooperative of Truth journalists citing contractual rights to mainstream access, offers investigative reporting, news and opinions turning the matrix of manufactured consensual reality inside out. Reports from the site deconstruct memes (evolutionary principles in the spread of ideas and cultural phenomena) whose ongoing production was identified as a de facto mission of the current mainstream.  represents a deliberate attempt to ensure that news from Truth movement journalists such as Jon Kelly and Alfred Lambremont Webre reaches a wider public arena in the mainstream media. Both Kelly and Webre have defined current YouTube, Facebook, and website presences known throughout the awakened communities. The site is focused on professional news publishing operations providing grounds for digital syndication (the means by which stories enter mainstream news outlets including radio, newspapers and television. interviews and articles are in furtherance of our journalistic mission and protection from governmental interference under the First Amendment to the Constitution of the United States of America, the Charter of Rights and Freedoms of the Canadian Constitution, and the Magna Carta (UK) and are an absolute prohibition and bar to any imposition, criminal, equitable, common law, admiralty law, civil to‘s publication of true facts.