Novas Questoes Sobre Genetica, DNA, Sendo Respondidas Apenas Por Matrix/DNA Theory


O Dr. Deepak Chopra e’ um conhecido aguerrido militante defendendo a esoterica teoria de que uma consciencia divina estaria por tras de nossas vidas e tudo que e’ fenomeno natural. Tao militante que participou de varios debates na midia – tv, magazines,videos, etc. – com cientistas ateus famosos. Ele combate veementemente o atual paradigma cientifico.

Pois bem, hoje ele postou mais um artigo em varias midias, defendendo suas ideias e cutucando os materialistas. Ele levanta interessantes questoes que passam despercebidas do meio intelectual, que os cientistas materialistas nunca pensam a respeito, por isso, estamos atentos aos seus artigos, apesar de diferir-mos tanto dele quanto do paradgma academico atual. Entao nao pude evitar publicar um comentario no seu artigo, o qual vai copiado abaixo. Vamos registrar o artigo aqui para anotar as importantes questoes que ele levanta e responde-las segundo o que sugere a formula da Matrix/DNA.

What Is Your DNA Doing For You Right Now?

By Deepak Chopra, MD and Rudolph E. Tanzi, PhD – 08/08/2016

E meu comentario postado no artigo do Huffington Post:

Louis Charles Morelli – 08/09/2016

Mr. Deepak: About the bad things did by DNA – like creating monsters as snakes, lions, etc. – were it also produced by counciousness at the source?
I agree we need a paradigm shift towards reality but, reality is 50% good things and 50% bad things. So, counciosness would be 50% a good God and 50% a bad evil?
Yes, DNA can tell the time – if you are interpreting DNA as do the Matrix/DNA theoretical model of DNA, different from the academic paradigm. DNA is anything else than a pile of bilions copies with some small diferency of a universal formula that is encrypted into its building blocks – a lateral pair of nucleotides. Like Humanity is a set of 8 billions diversified copies of its building blocks: the individual human.
It happens that this formula is also encrypted into the building blocks of atoms, galaxies, everything that looks like a natural system. So, its is all about a working systemic fractal which is inside a bigger fractal which is inside another biggest fractal, stablishing the hierarchy of systems. Neither the building blocks of atoms, nor the ones of galaxies tells time, butwhen all them are based on th same working formula, all them obeys the same synchronized scallar time.
From the first day of fecundation to
its 7 month, there is no actions of counciusness building the fetus. But you know that is not each embryo creating consciouness for the first time in this Universe. Conciosness was existing outside the litte embryo’s universe and was existing as not expressed potential force at morulae, blastula, fetus shapes. Why conscuoenesswas not expressed at our ancestors systems, like atoms and galaxies? Fractals, Dr. Deepak. 7 months for a fractal called “human” is same time as 13,7 billion years counted by by the bigger fractal called “universe”.
We need a paradigm shift but to a real one, one that does not forget 50% of reality.

Deepak: “If every cell is a biological robot, and the entire body is made up of cells, then we must be biological robots too. This view, which a surprising number of geneticists believe in, cannot be true. It is a conclusion that the old model of DNA supported because that model was reductionist—that is, all complex processes can be explained by breaking them down into more basic processes. The whole approach is totally logical, but nobody can seriously claim that the works of Shakespeare and Mozart are explainable by protein manufacture. And in our daily lives we think thoughts and feel emotions, which proteins don’t, or cells for that matter.

As a result, genetics has been racing to catch up with human reality. On several fronts there has been progress, of a sort. So-called Systems Biology has emerged to examine how the body works as a dynamic, changing organism responding to input from the environment. In this way DNA stopped being so rigid and got into the game. On another front a field known as epigenetics began to study how everyday experience, including our lifestyle and memory, actually gets chemically imprinted on our genes. Again, DNA became more dynamic and responsive.

But while DNA was getting liberated, what was really happening? One could argue that the only thing changing was a scientific model. Reality wasn’t changing at all. Now it is dawning that DNA is fundamentally so mysterious, biology can’t even contain it, much less explain it.

Matrix/DNA: Ok, isto ja foi explicado pela Matrix.

Deepak: ( continuar isto)