Mecanismo de Reparação de Erros do DNA: Explicação pela Matrix/DNA Theory

Esta explicacao me ocorreu agora ao ler um debate num video, cujo link e’:
( Titulo: Jack Szostak: Reconstructing the First Cells)
and one more question to Jack, It is regarding DNA repair: How the cell knew, that the DNA is unstable and there will be DNA copy-errors after each DNA division? How the cell knew there will be a lot of errors? Where the DNA repair mechanism came from?
Louis Charles Morelli – Out (10)/27/2016
I am not Jack and I am sure his answer would be different. From Matrix/DNA Theory the answer is: The building blocks of DNA ( a lateral pair of nucleotides) are reproductions of a unique system ( the system is LUCA, as you can see its face at our website). Like among 8 billions humans there is no one exactly equal like other, these building blocks are different because the sum of them composes the system in a larger size (which is the complete DNA). It is like small fractals composing a big fractal. So, the copy of building block that had some error will be corrected by the circuity of the larger system.
The problem is that only Matrix/DNA got the real complete and working natural system Academic science does not know it. Then, the academic science does not know to think systems. They are confusing system with parts of systems and processes between parts. Like Dr. Jack here says that membrane is a system. It is not, it is a part of a system, the system is the cell. Every natural system has its own identity ( a kind of mind of the system) which is composed by the sum of information of all parts, plus the information that arises inside the system due interactions among parts. If it is an opened system, there are the information with the external world also. This identity performs the energetic/informational circuity of the system, which is its identity. Like te brain produces the mind. And this happens with all natural systems, from atoms, to galaxies, to cells.
We can think with an example: We have a social system called USA. The social system is composed by individuals, which are systems themselves. If are born criminals that prejudices the social system, the criminal is expelled or corrected in the jail. Where humans’ social systems learned doing this? Humans social systems are big fractals coming from smaller fractals which already was doing it, like the DNA.

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