Fotos de Tribo Amazonica Nao-Contactada e Casamento de Americano com India Yanomani


Incredible Photos Show Uncontacted Amazonian Tribe Living Perilously Close To Illegal Miners

( Incríveis fotos mostram uma tribo amazônica nunca contactada vivendo perigosamente próximo a garimpeiros invasores em busca de ouro )


Uma tribo nunca contactada foi fotografada do ar pela primeira vez numa região da Amazônia brasileira que esta mo momento sendo invadida por garimpeiros em busca de ouro. Tendo mantido seu tradicional modo de vida por milhares de anos, os membros desta tribo ( calculados 120 pessoas nesta taba) correm o risco de serem eliminados e extintos em breve se não forem protegidos destas invasões em seu território. (ver mais no link ao artigo acima).

E meu comentario postado no artigo com link acima:
Not only natives, but also negroes slaves and till european white immigrants slaves in city like Sao Paulo, enslaved by the portuguese colonialists that are still owners of Brazil, had escaped towards the rain forest. I am one of them, from italian/portuguese agricultors descendance, that escaped into the jungle and living there by seven years, despite the fact that today I am a proud and free American citizen. Why I leave the jungle and came back to civilization? Because in the jungle, as a native instinctive philosopher and knowing lots about naturalism and science, and suffering a wild brainwasch by the green hell, I had the opportunity to check the western knowledge about nature and our existence, doing comparisons with the knowledge of contacted natives and the animals/plants behaviors, from where was built a third world view. Then, I need scientific tools and labs for testing my theoretical models and formulas, and the must indicated country for doing it is USA. the reason I am there now.(see The Universal Matrix for Natural Systems and Life’s Cycles).
We can not contact these people ( our virus, etc), but they will not change towards evolution by themselves, so – as all other species that has super-specialized in a way of life – they are condemned to natural extinction. We need do something, but what? My suggestion:
1) Be sure that they are protected;
2) Any instrument/material we send to their local need be sterilized;
3) Place drones with cameras observing what they know/do. They know fire?
4) Like we are studying ancient tribes through their pictures upon stones,caves, we will send tablets of stones with drawings, trying to create symbols that will permit our communication, a kind of language; then drawings showing how to make fire, hoe to get iron from minerals,etc…
I think these tentatives will work like that black monolith of ” 2001 – An Space Odyssey” movie, which woke up monkeys for their evolution. We will find same situation in others planets exploring life and finding less evolved aliens. So, the Amazonian tribe will be our learning how to help and spreading love in this Universe. Alleluyah!
No debate:

Vlad Donciu· Nov 24, 2016 12:38am

The old perish, the young flourish.
If we are the young now, we will be the old someday, and by your logics, our race is a dead end. But, fortunately the logics of Nature is not like yours. Every evolutionary cycle has shown it. Before the old perishing, and still at its middle age, it sends a parallel branch to outside, Nature, them, will invest in this parallel branch for continuing evolution. An example:
About the reptiles. The old was dinosaur and they perished. But that was not the end of biological evolution. Natural evolution made a reverse time going back to the humble and less evolved reptil called cynodont, and from here Nature took time in normal path again for continuing evolution, transforming the cynodont into a mammal. But our own body is a sample of this mechanism. It is real that the old parents perishes and the young offspring flourishes. But,… this young is a parallel branch emitted by the parents at middle age, before becoming old… What matter here? Protecting and teaching these natives how to evolve, we will leave our youngs that will flourish with friends that will flourish in parallel.
E no mesmo assunto, esta admiravel historia:

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