Humor da Matrix: Video de ” O Grande Debate Sobre o Nada”

Reuniram-se famosos propagandistas da ideologia cientifica ( Como Neil Tyson ( apresentador de Cosmos), Lawrence Krauss – autor do livro best-seller ” Do Nada veio Tudo”), para debaterem sobre o “Nada”. Acho que sao 3 horas de video, mas para intelectuais, it is unstopable. Prepare muita pipoca. E por meu lado postei um comentario no Youtube, claro, humoristico ( ou talvez nao; talvez a minha definição do nada seja a correta, quem sabe?), o qual copio abaixo:

Louis Charles Morelli Louis Charles Morelli – 12/3/2016

Nothing is a mirror where everything is abstractive reflected. It has another name: cosmic consciousness. Which is the translation of real world into abstract information. It is from this “living conscious nothing” that Krauss gets his quantum vibrations that makes everything. And reality is a mirror where the abstract consciousness is reflected, the materialization of information. That’s why the expansion of the Universe and the expansion of nothing is a feed-back process: human brains produces bubbles of consciousness that will be added ti nothing, and nothing sends back the information got by each human being as matter for to be added to the Universe. But,.. which mirror came first?
First of all, I don’t speak English. Second, I am a horse, with 4 legs, tail, etc. Horses have no obligation to answer this question. We didn’t get hells for ourselves, like consciousness. This question is for human beings. Go asking it to them. (Thanks God, I am a horse. Reeennnnch…). Moral: happiness is believing that we are horses, even that we are not.
The Existence of Nothing Neil deGrasse Tyson Lawrence Krauss 2013