TED Talk – Informacoes dos Bastidores


Interessado em fazer uma palestra no TED? Antes veja isto:


Escritorio em New York


Uma pergunta no Quora.com vem com muitos comentarios/respostas dando muitas informacoes sobre o que e’ na realidade o TED Talk




Declaracao de renda anual da Fundacao dona do TED Talk ( e fonte de informacao de todos os impostos de outras fundacoes, salarios dos executivos, etc.)





Informativo comentario:

The company/business behind TED is Sapling Foundation which has been raking in huge amounts as profit while maintaining a Not For Profit status. Their tax filings are public (as required by law) and can be reviewed (among other places) here :SAPLING FOUNDATION

Most recent documents available for 2014 indicate enormous payouts by way of salaries to the top management – you can see for yourself – even if they don’t refer to it as a salary. No wonder that Sapling Foundation reportedly paid about $14 million in 2001 to buy TED : How much did the Sapling Foundation pay to acquire TED back in 2001 from Richard Saul Wurman?

For no fault of presenters and contributors, I am so done with TED – Wondering if TEDMED is the same way.