Astronomia: Foto de Supernova Irregular, Explicada pela Teoria da Matriz

 Em  , no site da NASA sobre “Chandra, X-Ray Laboratory” , sob artigo de nome ” SNR 0104-72.3: Supernova Remnant is an Unusual Suspect”…

esta’ sendo publicada uma foto de uma Supernova com formato estranho, nao previsto pela teoria oficial denominada “Teoria Nebular”, mas que pode ser perfeitamente explicavel pelos modelos da Teoria da Matriz. Voce pode ir ao site, ver o artigo e a enorme confusao que suscitou tantas tentativas de explicacao e ver tambem o seguinte comentario que postei no meio dos comentarios que seguem o artigo: 

From Louis Morelli:

As said Donis, in the post above, “Listen, you guys are the experts, so my apologies for proposing some explanation for the irregular supernova remnant, that may be completely absurd BUT… Every tentative of explanations are based in the “Nebular Theory”. Since I advocate another astronomic model, The Universal Matrix of Natural Systems and Life’s Cycle, I will try to put the explanation from this theory (sorry the bad English, which can prejudice the explanation) :“ Supernovas are not result of explosion from white dwarf. The Matrix Theory does not suggest that new bodies appear by spontaneous generation as said by Nebular Theory. Astronomic bodies obeys a kind of life cycle, so like human beings, they change shapes while getting older. The new photo about baby stars in the center of the galaxy was designed by Matrix Theory about 25 years ago, and so, every photo from NASA in the last years are proven the models.  The models could be wrong or non complete, of course, but, if you know it, you have new opportunity for your progress.  What should be the object in this photo by Matrix Theory? We need go a little bit further for explain it, which is impossible here. But, resumed it is:“ When a planet is captured in the orbit of a star, the energy from the star reaches the planet’s core, then, it happens the something with a grain of corn: the germ of a star inside the core wake up and begin the nuclear reactions, when it is feeding from the geological plates surrounding it. The core grows from inside to outside, the pression produces volcanoes and billions years later; the volcanoes are so strong that emits matter like iron to the surrounding sky. The tectonic plates becomes tiny till disappearing completely and at this moment everything collapses into the core, which ignites the growing core and it suddenly is opened as a supernova. Everything happens like a seed of corn when grow up.  It is possible that the core “eats” more surrounding matter in the north than in the south ( due the geographic configuration between continents, oceans, gases, etc.) so, it is possible that the initial shape after the ignition be asymmetric, not circular. But, after some million years later, the star becomes circular.If you have some curiosity please see the web-site and models at     The shape of SNR 0104-72.3 was better predicted by Matrix Theory than the Nebular Theory. I know that Matrix Theory seems an absurdity (it was for me when it resulted from my models), but, if you know and understand the final meanings, it is not absurd, it is the most rational possible. As I said in the post above, the process of formation of celestial bodies are mechanical and primitive process ancestors of the process about the formation of a plant, like corn. Now, I will ask you: who or what invented the process for formation of plants? God?! Prove it! Or do you think the whole process since the formation of a seed till the flourishment of fruits, this extraordinary engineer, is result by chance alone?! It should be more rational to think that not only the forces and the elements, but also the whole process, already was being applied in Nature, before life’s origins. The Nebular Theory has no foundations for life happened in the way it does.      As said Adonis, I am living in America for to stay more closer to advancement of Science and Astronomy specially, so, “ This is one governmental area where I have no problem with my tax dollars being spent. Thanks for all the great work. Have a great day.

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