63 bases do DNA invariante em todas as formas de vida? Pesquisar.


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Mike Bellamy Mike Bellamy 1 week ago (abril,2017)

The title is “How Life Started”.! but there is no other observation than the creation of some random amino acids. Life is then just assumed to have formed from these. Assumptions like this only hide the real problems they are not solutions.
For example there is a chain of 63 specific DNA bases which is invariant in every known life form (Marcus Chown). Since no creature has only part of this sequence it shows it must be complete for cellular life to exist. But that means a chance event must arrange a chain of 63 R-handed nucleotide bases in that specific order complete. Since they are handed (2) with (4) possibilities for each that means the chance is 1/(8^63)… That’s 1 in 10^7.8e56 which just supports what Francis Crick (co discoverer of DNA) said at the time “not on this planet”..
– Marcus Chown –
– 63 R-handed nucleotide bases