Conectando Psicologia ( ou a Psique) com a Fisica da Natureza. Dr. Buryl Payne


Tive conhecimento da existência do Dr. Buryl Payne por uma sua tese investigativa sobre efeitos dos campos magnéticos dos astros e principalmente da terra e do Sol sobre a vida na Terra e principalmente sua semelhança com as ondas energéticas produzidas pelos processamentos do cérebro humano. registrei aqui um artigo, justo o ultimo antes deste, sob este tema.

Uma busca sobre o autor e deparei com a sua BIO, onde explica que ele e’ PHD em Física e Psicologia. Justamente um dos métodos que estou usando na teoria da Matrix/DNA, na busca de localizar e identificar a formula da Matrix na configuração processual do cérebro. Mas o curriculum de realizações, investigações, inventos e patentes e’ formidável, reforçando minha tese de que falta `a psicologia acadêmica estudar mais os outros campos do conhecimento natural que levou a formação da psique, como a Física. O Dr. Payne prova que quem o faz, encontra uma fonte de insights e criações que ainda permanece inexplorada. Copio aqui a biografia para traduzir e tentar pesquisar cada trabalho do Dr. Payne.


Buryl has a Ph.D. in psychology and an M.S. in physics. His real education began as a teacher (by his students) at Goddard College, in Vermont.  He attended seminar-workshops put on by the institute of General Semantics, based on the work of Alfred Korzybski, and also attended lectures and workshops on the work of Georges Gurdjieff, as interpreted by his students and their students. His first book: GETTING THERE WITHOUT DRUGS: THEORIES AND TECHNIQUES OR ALTERING CONSCIOUSNESS, was one of the Esalen series in the late 60’s. It combines the perennial teachings of Zen with teachings of Gurdjieff, Korzybski, and knowledge of modem physics.

From the creativity company, called Synectics, for which he worked for as Director of Training and Research, he learned the technique of teaching creativity.  He loves doing this for peace groups and other social groups. He considers this to be his most valuable skill.

Later, as a professor at Boston University, he learned how to write as he directed a graduate program in science writing. His most important discoveries and writings are listed below in approximate order of importance. Buryl admits to being a workaholic though he spends a lot of time at the beach.

1. Discovered that the nearly regular cycles of international battles, found by previous researchers, is in phase with solar activity. Not being satisfied with a mere correlation, Buryl uncovered the physical mechanism-namely solar influences on the geomagnetic field which, in turn, can disrupt brain waves and produce hormone changes, apparently leading to aggressive warring behavior (mostly in males).

2. He also noticed how to predict most sunspot activity and some geomagnetic activity by taking into account the solar system as a whole and observing the planetary configurations associated with sunspot activity.

3. Performed an experiment, with the help of many other people, showing that enough people (several million) meditating apparently can decrease solar activity. This 31/2 year project, consisting of six meditations a year, was the kind predicted to have an influence on solar activity by Edgar Cayce many years ago. Experimental data showed up to a 30% decrease in solar activity for up to two weeks after the day of the meditations.

4. Rediscovered (by accident) a way to detect and measure a rotational force, named the Biofleld, around the human body and other living things. To measure something is an advancement over just perceiving it, or theorizing its existence

5. Validated Dr. Ron Hruby’s breakthrough experiment, showing that a small group of people at a distance of ten miles could measurably alter the Biofield of a subject by intending to help heal the subject.  Buryl invited 20 healers willing to focus their talents on attempted healing-at-a-distance. It was observed that 16 out of 20 healers produced a measurable change in the Biofield.

7. Developed a measure of organization of patterns based upon generalizing the information theory of Shannon and Weaver and the principles used by Einstein and Heisenberg in developing the special theory of relativity and the quantum theory.

8. Designed, patented, and marketed the first commercial biofeedback instruments (did not originate the idea.) Was lucky enough to get Radio Shack to market one type on a world wide basis.

9. Published a paper deriving principles of Gestalt perception from the well established physics principle of least action.

10. Discovered a way to detect emanations from planets, which alter the taste of water, and when this water is taken internally it sometimes produces psychophysiological effects.

11. Gave General Mills the idea for the Granola Bar, helping to start a trend in developing healthy food snacks.

12. Designed inexpensive Pulsed Magnetic field generators for enhancing healing or stimulating biological activity.

13. Designed a simple electronic instrument to help synchronize brain hemispheres to eliminate jet lag, and enhance telepathy. Made instruments, made for couples and groups, to synchronize brain waves.

14. Developed (based on the work of others) a way to obtain an ordinal scale of harmony between lovers, friends, business associates, or parents and children. To roughly measure something like the ‘force’ of love is a major advance in helping to create harmony between people.

15. Buryl wrote 4 books on magnetism and its effects on living organisms, one on physics and consciousness, and one on biofeedback and hypnosis.

16. Designed an Electronic Muscle Tester for testing the value of foods, vitamins, herbs, etc. for each person.

Buryl is currently writing a book on Fifth Dimensional Consciousness. Buryl admits he doesn’t understand it; that’s why he’s writing the book!

Reprints are available for all of the above topics.

In 1982, in New Zealand, Buryl founded the Academy for Peace Research to help disseminate information about war cycles, how to predict them and possible ways to avoid them. The work has already been done; it only needs helping hands to spread the information around the world.

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