Minha eterna briga contra os buracos negros


Estão tentando tirar uma foto do ralo que surge no centro de galaxias rotativas, pensando que vão fotografar um buraco negro, o mais fantasmagórico ser espacial que existe apenas na imaginação humana. Claro não pude deixar de dar meu piteco postando o comentário copiado abaixo:

How to take a picture of a black hole


Louis Morelli

Posted at 5/8/2017

The drain produced by the spirals of rotation of water at your sink, is a black hole? Galaxies are under rotations, they are spirals, there is a drain at their center… why the hell has human beings to see a drain as the ghost and complex black hole?
Produced by singularity? There was one unique moment of singularity in this universe, its first moment. Natural singularity never could happens again at any place in this universe. If it was possible, it should happened at the beginning when matter was to simpler and there was no systems yet, but then, the universe never would evolve.
Of course, at the center of a drain in a cloud of dust from nebulae of gaseous atoms or from the death of stars, must have heavy elements at fusion, like iron, etc. These elements are what makes the nucleus of astronomic bodies.
The theory that is pointing towards the existence of black holes as described like the cannibals of entire galaxies, etc, is Math lead to extreme intellectual masturbation. There are no such things. The astronomic models of Matrix/DNA Theory, suggesting all mechanisms for origins and death of such drains is more rational.
You are looking for photos of a natural drain, never will have photos of black holes, they does not exist…

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