Debate no NYT sobre beneficios/maleficios da Inteligencia Artificial


December 5, 2016

Is Artificial Intelligence Taking Over Our Lives?

E meu comentario postado no debate ( na pagina do primeiro artigo: As Robots Replace Old Jobs, New Jobs Should Be Invented )

Louis Charles Morelli

New York, NY

Will the biological brain imposes its rules upon the electro mechanic brain or will be the opposite? Let’s see it:

1) At fifty years ago there was a biological brain that decided to build its copy with hard matter in a mechanistic fashion;

2) The mechanic brain was developed till getting its own mechanistic sensors, like cameras mimicking vision, etc. But there was a novelty here: the mechanistic brains’ sensors can see where human sensors can not, like the microscopic and astronomic levels;

3 Then, the biological brain ( still imposing his software with its rules) sent these sensors into micro devices exploring the world of atoms, molecules, and spatial devices exploring the space;

4) These sensors came back with new informations that the biological brain never knew about. Based on these informations, the biological brain rewrote the software, remodeling the hardware and sent back the brains’ robots to the micro and macro world. This process is being repeated till today.

But,… mechanistic sensors are racists, they selects some data and rejects another kind of data, which would not be selected by biological sensors. Without humans perceiving it, the mechanistic brain was changing inside the biological brain, the living vision of the world by the mechanistic vision of the world. Life and the universe’s theories describes it as machines. What do you think?