Cenas de Rua Imitando as Cenas das Selvas e seus Animais, com Mensagem da Matrix/DNA


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Susan Boyle assaulted, harassed by gang of 15 youths



Susan Boyle attends the BBC Sports Personality Of The Year event in Glasgow, Scotland on Dec. 14, 2014.

An elephant surrounded and harassed by wolves. This is the human species rules as projection of the jungle rules. The medium predators and the big prey. Why the predators acting this way? At the jungle the cause is only food, at human “civilization” it is about economics, money. People here talking about liberals, conservatives… these is the luxurious and abstract humans culture/concepts hidden the real reality. Which are the big predators – the lions, the owners of the territory? At human civilization must be the aristocrats. The elephant ( here is Susan Boyle) has no other preys elephants for helping her? Oh, no, the preys are individualist, due the selfish gene. They never knows how to apply their force in groups.
The unique solution? Exorcising from the genetics and from the psyches built by this animalist genetics, these instincts for big predators, medium predators, and preys. How to do it? Well… one way is just what I am doing: remembering that these people still keeps acting like their non-ration al ancestors. The other way is fighting for changing the actual animalist world view showing a transcendent world view, like Matrix/DNA Theory, where we have a second genetic process: we are 8 billion half/conscious genes building the embryo of Gaia’s consciousness. Every person understanding this, self-exorcizes these animals’ instincts inheritance.

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