E’ o espaço cheio de espuma quântica? Ver sugestão da Matrix/DNA


Is Space Full of Quantum Foam?

I think that Physics and Math arrives to the last limits of the mechanic organization of matter, when trying to see the deepest into space. Also, their scientific tools are limited to at least three slices from the seven slices of light ( our brain’s sensors are limited to one slice, the visible light and percepted vibrational state). Physics and Math deals only with bone-skeleton and its mechanics, in a living body. Can not reach the soft meat and its more complex organization of matter. Where is, at the reign of fundamental particles, the principles that will express the biological organization? What if the space is fulled with a kind of membrane and its properties? Like something from outside this universal space can cross it and another things can not ( like long light waves)? Is it not the time for Biologists, Neurologists, being called fot to study this problem, for participating in a Theory of Everything? Skeletons are produced by living soft meat, inserted into genetics. What if galaxies are also in this way? At Matrix/DNA Theory we are discovering that this galaxy has a soft coberture of biological properties. What if beyond the limits of galaxies – after a kind of membrane – is there life? For sure, Physics and Math alone, plus our limited scientific instruments, never will grasp the foundations of this universe’s existence.

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