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HenisDov – May 06, 2009

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Animate And Inanimate Matter Have Something In Common!
Read All About It! Unbelievable!
The Wheel Is Invented!
Living And Non-living Matter Follow Same Rules?

A. Can Living And Non-living Follow Same Rules? Unifying The Animate And Inanimate Designs Of Nature

B. “22nd Century Conception Of Unified Field Theory And Evolution”

1. EVOLUTION Beyond Darwin 200

2. The following brief essays present the 22nd century comprehension of evolution. They preserve Darwin’s name in reference to Life Evolution in respect and appreciation of Darwin’s promotion of the concept of evolution in life.

Life’s Manifest

Culture, A Ubiquitous Biological Entity

Life And Darwinian Evolution, 21st Century Comprehension

Rethink Unified Field Theory And Evolution

C. On Cosmic Energy And Mass Evolutions

As mass is just another face of energy it is commonsensible to regard not only life, but mass in general, as a format of temporarily constrained energy.

It therefore ensues that whereas the expanding cosmic constructs, the galaxies clusters, are – overall – continuously converting “their share” of original pre-inflation mass back to energy, the overall evolution WITHIN them, within the clusters, is in the opposite direction, temporarily constrained energy packages such as black holes, biospheres and other energy-storing-mass-formats are precariuosly forming and “doing best” to survive as long as “possible”…

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