Planetas: Teorias da formação Pela Academia de Ciências e pela Matrix/DNA Theory


A Short History of Planet Formation

Louis Charles Morelli Louis Charles Morelli – 8/22/2017

There are four ways for searching planet formation: 1) reductionist, is what Dr. Shahar is doing, first studying the basic Physics and Chemistry of it system’s components: 2) Systemic, which is comparisons between a system and the Matrix/DNA universal formula for systems, and making comparative anatomy between systems: 3) Trying to compose the history, from the past Big Bang to nowadays, and 4) From the future to the past, going from the final product today built by the forces and elements as a system and trying to know the reverse of its evolution, going towards the Big Bang. I am not well informed, I have knowledge of works being doing by Academic Science only by methods 1 and 3. So, I tried something about methods 2 and 4 and I got the Matrix/DNA astronomical models and theory. It results in a different general world view which affects the approaches to astronomic bodies formation. What will happen if academic researches tries methods 2 and 4? Maybe it will reduce time, money and sacrifices for getting the final knowledge.

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