Genética, Epigenética, e Doenças: Informativo vídeo e interpretação da Matrix/DNA



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Louis Charles Morelli – +- 09/13/2017

How the genotype gives rise to the phenotype? Intuitively we know the mechanisms and processes doing it, and why it occurs in this way. The genotype is configured as a complete working system, and we know its anatomy. The whole organism (phenotype) is again a system and configured equally to the genotype. The base guanine in a group of genes makes a function X that will be the function of a cell organelle (same system again) which will be the function of the organism’s organ. It is a non-living fractal inside half-living fractal inside full living fractal. We learned this secret key after discovering the universal formula for all natural systems, the Matrix/DNA. It works like the propagation of waves from a nuclear wave, and evolution makes it as waves of increasing complexity. But why at genetics occurs this complexity’s increasing? The answer is the environment (epigenetics), pulling the wave because the environment – the Earth biosphere – is another system made by the same formula. So, the full living fractal – the organism – is inside the astronomical fractal, which is the formula at its most perfect state, pulling the organism towards its perfection. Our problem now is how to observe, how to prove it, scientifically? Research must be focused on biophotons. They are the first universal occurrence of this formula which is encrypted into a wave of light. But these biophotons that invades the organisms’ electrons and creates networks mimicking the formula are very hard to be observed with our more most powerful scientific instruments. We need to develop the technology of these instruments now.


Anna K – 2 hours ago

You say what?

Louis C. Morelli – 09/21/2017

I know that for those ignoring the Matrix/DNA formula is difficult to understand the text above, very bad translated. And resume of something very complex difficulties the understanding. Trying to write the first phrase in other words: The group of genes composing the genotype is modelled as a quasi-system by the system called “building blocks of DNA”: a lateral and horizontal pairs of nucleotides, which is a working system, configured as the formula. The genotype is not a complete working system because is an opened formula composed by small systems that are diversified, as different copies of the building blocks. When a unicellular organism – which is a working system again modelled by the formula ( as larger projection of the building blocks) – multiplies into diversified cells, each diversified cell has its specific difference which is a small detail of a region of the original cell. In this way, the new cells aggregated to the original cell composes a new system (organism) which them, is merely an amplification of the original cell with some mutations, where organelles becomes organs. Living fractal inside living fractal. The new organism shows a phenotype that is the result of two forces: one coming from inside (from genotype) and other coming from exterior world ( which is a second phenotype because the external environment is modelled, built, by the same Matrix/DNA formula. So, the set of organism and external environment contains two layers of phenotype. The inside phenotype suffers modification in shapes and organs functions due the necessary adaptation to the second phenotype, which is composed by different matter. Now if I go re-writing the other phrases, we need a whole book. The meaning difference between our different approaches is about the difference between reductionist approach/systemic approach > which is not very well developed and practiced by scholars’ academy. I don’t see any problem about how the genotype gives risen to phenotype. If an organism was born handicapped or any phenotypic defect, is because the genotype as a system has these defects, it is also handicapped. Knowing the formula and with this systemic approach we could fix genetically these defects before giving birth to others handicappeds. Cheers…

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