A Terra – Uma Criatura Viva. Bonito Video pela NASA porem, com um grave equivoco…



My comment posted in YouTube at 1023/2017

The signals of a living planet are not seen at its external appearance, like the first almost-living creature produced in this planet – viruses – has no external signals of life. The active nucleus and its surrounding layers are showing the same signals that a corn seed will show when inserted into the land and receiving water/sun’s light. Biological systems, (aka, life) were made by and inside these astronomic systems (stellar and galactic system) so, it is rational to think that all basic elements and life’s properties must be present in a very primordial shape in these systems. The current astronomical models are wrong that’s why you are not seeing the clear signals of primordial life in this planet. As planet’s nucleus we have the germ of new stars and if this Milk Way is old enough that would be formed by the first process of galactic formation, we will see in the next thousands years the big transformations as every living thing. By the way, the video is a brilliant art work and has a good message. Congratulations to NASA.


My comment posted at 08/22/2017

So,… who says that life came from non-life? Or who needs magical gods for explaining life here? Earth is not a living creature as we understand “life”, but it is not non-life also. Any living being is a working system and Earth is not a system in itself, it is merely part of a system, called stellar system. System only comes from previous systems, there are no self-organizing systems. We can not making comparisons between systems as living beings with parts of systems, like Earth. So, is the stellar system, more “alive”? Has it all forces and elements for producing organic matter and biological systems? Where “life” came from? Thinking about this question, applying comparative anatomy between these systems, I elaborated Matrix/DNA Theory with the following explanation: No, a stellar system alone has no all forces and elements necessary for building biological systems, but a building block of galaxies has all forces, all elements, and the exactly anatomical configuration for reproducing itself – nannotechnologically – as the building blocks of DNA, a lateral base-pair of nucleotide. The evolution of these building blocks towards the fist cell system was due the new state of matter, water, and its production, organic chemistry. Earth alone, neither this stellar system are alive, but they are organs, or parts, of something half-alive… By the way, Earth, the Sun, this system and this galaxy are our ancestors like bacteria and monkeys are… ( this is merely, a theory, don’t forget it)

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