Origem da Vida: Recente teoria: Vida na Terra pode ter iniciado por meteoritos (RNA World)




Life on Earth May Have Started With a Cosmic Splash

Could the building blocks for life on Earth have been delivered by meteorites crashing into ponds of water 4 billion years ago?

It was not the meteorites, it was just the ultraviolet light reaching precursors of biological systems emerging from the deep oceans thermal vents. Why not an experiment applying ultraviolet light upon deep ocean molecules? The seeds for biological systems ( aka, “life”) are splitted everywhere in this galaxy, produced by the galaxy as a system which already shows primitive biological organization of matter, so, the galaxy is LUCA – the last non-biological ancestor. But the complete collection of bits-informations from astronomical systems are 50% furnished by planetary nuclear reaction and stellar radiation ( even cosmic radiation), and the packet from the star could be furnished by ultraviolet light. Panspermia does not comes from a point inside the galaxy, but as projection of the entire galactic system. ( ok, it is theory against theory; I am based on Matrix/DNA Theory. This theory, like yours, could be wrong)

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