Vídeo da NASA no Youtube sobre Orion, Nebula


Take a Breathtaking Trip Through the Orion Nebula in NASA’s New Video


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Louis Morelli – 01/16/18

Galaxies are natural systems, which was formed billions years before biological systems, so, they are our ancestors. The properties of life, the organs of living beings, were there, in very primitive shape, maybe expressed, maybe only as potential state. We can’t see this image in full for understanding how it is as a system, because we will need not only the visible light or infrared, but the seven beams of radiation from the eletromagnetic spectrum. Maybe we will conclude that this image is like a living being, or a part of working system.

Calculating evolution in reverse way, starting here and going towards the Big Bang, Matrix/DNA Theory suggests a new model of galaxies that mimics a cell system and that, the formula-template of astronomic system is similar to the building blocks of DNA. The models are suggesting that DNA is merelly the biological shape of a universal Matrix that is coming under evolution since the Big Bang encrypted into light waves. I know, it is very weird, but we can’t ignore rational results from rational methods of calculations. Maybe we, humans, are not 30 or 60 years old, but 13,8 billion years old… at least it is our Matrix/DNA.