Psicologia Evolutiva: Pesquisa do estado atual da disciplina na area da Ciência Academica


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Seria a psicologia evolutiva uma empreitada falha?

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Human nature and the blank slate

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The Blank Slate
Steven Pinker
Penguin (2003)
Louis Morelli posted on 7/02/18:

The Windows 10 is a “blank slate”? No, its structure is based on Windows 9 which came from Windows 8, etc. The analogy is due the living brain composed by hardware and software. Human embryology takes 7 months for DNA expressing consciousness, while the universal system’s embryology under evolution in this Universe takes 13,8 billion years for expressing universal consciousness. It was the activation of consciousness at humans brains that has hidden human nature and its animals’ inherited instincts, but, they are there.

This tendency of separating humans from its nature is in the same line with the tendency to separate cosmological evolution from biological evolution, which effects is that we can’t see the creators of life and the contents in the filled state (we see the hardware of all these systems, but not the software, which is a kind of systemic formula called Matrix/DNA).
There are no such separations, is suggesting the new theory of Matrix/DNA. Atoms systems and galaxies systems are our ancestrals like bacteria are, and monkeys cousins.

Like our first shapes as morula, blastula, fetus, did not express consciousness, but it was there in potential state, our more ancient ancestrals non-biological systems didn’t to. Animals instincts are evolution of atomic and astronomic forces, tendencies. All these things were passed on to the last evolved shape of this universal system under evolution, which here and now is the humans genetics and brains. Brains that are still building the fetus of universal consciousness. Ok, both are theories, searching comprovation…


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