Video sobre multiplicacao celular


Watch a single cell become a complete organism


Comentario postado em 02/09/19

Who do this? Photons, from an original natural light wave. It is like fractals self-reproducing. The building block of DNA is a working system with seven parts, evolved from a light wave with seven waves/frequencies. It is composed by hardware and software made of light. When there is an initial cell, these photons grasps and organizes photons from surrounding atoms, reproducing copies of that cell. But, each new copy has a bit that is dominant in relation to all others, and is located at its right place. When all bits got its dominance, you have the original cell amplified as an organism. Is it evolution or magical gods. It is evolution of an original light wave since the Big Bang, but, from where came it, I don`t know. See more at

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