A ilusão da auto-consciência por Dan Dennett e resposta da Matrix/DNA


Dan Dennett|

Louis Morelli

Posted at 5/6/19

There is no consciousness only if in relation to this metaphysical materialist worldview. The real naturalist philosopher has learned that in this Universe is occurring a genetic/computational process of reproduction of the unknown thing that triggered the Big Bang. And all facts are suggesting that the unknown thing is a natural system, but, conscious. We are 8 billion half-conscious genes building a small characteristic of a big cosmic conscious baby, together with trillions genes-brothers at all universe. So, our heads are like eggs, our brain is the placenta, our consciousness is merely a fetus yet. It is sleeping, has no own eyes to see neither its substance, neither its shape.

These illusions comes from a body composed with hardware and software, which is the ego – the intermediary substance composed by sinapses and holographic clouds between the brain and the fetus, which has no own eyes also. Sometimes the ego can wake up the fetus saying “Did you see that? We need action…” – “Oh… yes? This is good… or, bad”. And the fetus falls sleeping again.

This natural software is coming side by side with hardwares since the Big Bang. It is the new property that emerges from any natural system as the sum of all parts informations plus the informations from interactions among parts and from the parts with external world. An abstract identity of systems. Like the Windows in Bill mind it has evolved like our computers, a feedback process producing evolution.

A fetus can not know the shapes and the world of its parents, so, our fetus of consciousness. Trying to define it is delusion. What matters is to know that we, while being this fetus, will survive when the hardware will be replaced, like the windows is in the Bill’s mind resisting to several generations of hardwares. Instead metaphysical materialism, be exclusive naturalist and when asking things like consciousness, watch Nature how it does things here and now, in this case, any embriogenesis.

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