Grande Explicação de Alguem que “Não” acredita na Teoria Acadêmica da Evolução

Michael JR Jose says:

My view of evolution is sharply defined as one which contains the utterly incredible notion that random, chance, accidental, meaningless, undirected, blind material events can add up to, let alone explain, the human mind and its logic, aesthetic awareness of the aurora borealis, the knowledge of good and evil, human rights (and wrongs), the abstractions of mathematical set theory and calculus, and the glory that is Mozart’s ‘Requiem’. And I reject such a theory, may the blind lead the blind into the ditch and be gone.

E aqui a resposta de um evolucionista:

I can only tell you that the evidence for evolution has almost nothing to do with the human mind. Nor is evolution random, chance, or accidental, and it’s certainly not meaningless. Kudos for at least admitting that you reject it for non-scientific reasons.

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