Why Curiosity could touches signal of life but NASA could not grasp it.

Matrix/DNA sent a comment to NASA TV, driving the reader to this article, waiting for moderation ( See the comment after the article):

The first goal for Curiosity is informations about the planet and the investigation about how these informations could elaborate or not elaborate complexes molecules and if time ago they were there? If so, NASA need to be sure that the currenty cosmological model is the unique elected as the right one, because the investigation will follow the logic emerged from this model. Right? What if the model is far away off the real cosmological history? It happened several times before, depicts any amount of informations. Because models about the unknown are based in data which  – we, human beings – has searching for, selected by everybody inevitable ideology. Nobody wants NASA loosing time and maybe the directions of this investigation is going in a wrong way due a non complete knowledge of Universe’s functioning. I hope that the theoretical stuff at NASA (`cause cosmological models are theoreticals) make the effort of listening others cosmological models made by human beings because we don’t have the knowledge about the neuroscience of the human brain and its inner ability to remember the history of its past times and creations, a history that goes back to the Big Bang. The technology used by NASA is great,  it is an acessory made by human brains searching things that explain the own existence of human brains, but, remember, the pharmaceutical industry is another extension for solving things that the human brain already has solved with its immune system. Why could not be possible that commons human brains has solved a better cosmological model than this current one, which is based in few informations about the Universe and computer’s simulations? I will provide an example, and my goal is that NASA applies the best possible method of investigation about the Curiosity future data.

The current cosmological model is based in the theory of spontaneous generation of astronomic bodies, like when humanity began thinking about the generation of life. Thousands years later we now know that life can emerges from non-living matter, but the spontaneity is not immediate, it tooks at last 3 billion years, the whole time of biogenesis. And now we know that the buiding blocks of organisms – the cell system –  had two different methods of formation: 1) first the formation of the first cell system, probable by symbioses among different micro-organisms or complexes molecules that became organelles. Once time Nature got the first cell system, she applied a more easygoing method, the process of reproduction. So my question 30 years ago was: why not the formation of galactic systems followed the same process of two different methods? If so, the generation of astronomic bodies  in the formation of first astronomic bodies and galaxies system used a different method than the method that was used for later astronomical bodies and systems, like the Milk Way. This spontaneity could be enlarged also. And if we don’t consider this in our currenty cosmological model, our investigation will be made by a non totally right logic, our conclusions about those data sent by Curiosity could be wrong.

But, what kind of cosmological model we could get if calculated under the possibility of two methods for generation of astronomical bodies and systems? I have no information that somebody tried it already. I made a tentative under my poor conditions and the final result is suggesting a different history than that related by the currenty model. And surprising, my resulting model is suggesting that despite the fact that our stellar system, and also its elements, appeared later by the reproductive process method, where old galaxies dies and its matter recycles them into new ones, like the MIk Way, these astronomical bodies are physiologic elaborated in a way that conserves the formula of the primordial building block, like any modern cell system today conserves the primordial DNA from the first cell system. The modus operand of Mars matter towards the direction of composing organic matter and complexes molecules must follows the orientation of this primordial formula.

If NASA does not know this second rational possibility – as a merely curiosity under observation every time new data arrives – and if this cosmological model has more things right than the current model – NASA and we, the watching and fervor supporters of NASA goals – will be losing time and opportunities. My models are suggesting hundreds of novelties that need be observed when arriving the data from Curiosity, which will not be considered because NASA does not know the models. For instance, my Matrix/DNA model of the astronomic primordial building block is suggesting that – due the strong oxidation in Mars atmosphere – photons coming from Mars nucleus and the sun is trying to drive the Mars superficial atoms to compose amino-acids with no success, because the oxygen atom means the Function 7 ( the entropy and death of natural systems) reinforced by the excess of one atomic number. But, maybe the earlier atmosphere was different and then, if any complex molecule or even microbial life has formed, they are living in sub-extracts below the surface in anaerobic way. Curiosity is going to get informations in the deep crater, maybe touching this sub-extract, maybe touching atomic compositions that are prototypes of pieces of Matrix/DNA formula, and due NASA does not know the formula, maybe will loose this great opportunity for advancing our knowledge. By the way… thanks for everything to the great team of NASA.


Comment sent by Matrix/DNA to NASATV:

Maybe my suggestion could be useful for analyses of the data Curiosity will send, and I will appreciate any answer/criticism from someone. Due the suggestion needs a large text I will direct the reader towards my article in: http://theuniversalmatrix.com/pt-br/artigos/?p=4618
By the way I will try posting the text here, hoping that the moderator analyses if it can be published or not. Thanks…
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Why Curiosity could touches signal of life but NASA could not grasp it. ( See http://theuniversalmatrix.com/pt-br/artigos/?p=4618 ) and, please, I want to know what do you think about ( if you can understand the text)

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