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Scientists say they can prove the existence of the soul.


Published on Nov 6, 2012

A pair of world-renowned quantum scientists says they can prove the existence of the soul. American Dr Stuart Hameroff and British physicist Sir Roger Penrose developed a quantum theory of consciousness asserting that our souls are contained inside structures called microtubules which live within our brain cells. ( See more)

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Louis Charles Morelli

Louis Charles Morelli 1 second ago

Well…there is the Matrix/DNA Theory and its models arrived to light waves as the code that imprint the dynamics of lifes cycles into matter. Have you noticed that the seven frequencies of EMS, beginning with gamma-ray and finishing as radio, have the same energy intensity of a human body, beginning as baby and finishing as a cadaver? The force of life cycle is the producer of seven shapes of astronomical bodies (quasar, planet, pulsar, etc.) the seven organelles of cells, the seven m (cont.)

molecules of base-pair nucleotide, etc. What’s it means? Nature creates news system by applying light over several copies of a unique existent specie of body; these bodies changes its shapes; then it is caught seven shapes, aligned in the sequence of the light spectrum and closes the two final ends… getting a working system. You can see all models and pictures of all systems at the Matrix/DNA website. And the models suggests also a process for formation of individual consciousness.

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