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1) Top 5 Science Blogs em Inglês: ( Em Jul 5, 2006 )

Nature’s Declan Butler trawled the Technorati blog directory for blogs written by scientists and found that of the 45 million or so blogs it lists at least five scientists’ blogs that make it into the top 3,500. Our own comes in at a rather respectable 852nd

Anyway, here are the Top 5 Science Blogs according to Butler’s Technorati analysis:

179th Pharyngula

1,647th The Panda’s Thumb

1,884th RealClimate

2,174th Cosmic Variance

3,429th The Scientific Activist


Science blogs by writers

Blogs by science writers and specialists in public outreach often enjoy high Technorati rankings. The following five all have ranks in the same range as the top five blogs by scientists. Let us know about more on our newsblog

Sciencebase by freelance writer David Bradley
Science Blog by a group of editors
The Loom by journalist Carl Zimmer 1,557
Bad Astronomy by astronomer Philip Plait of Sonoma State University, California 2,552
Archaeology by writer Kris Hirst 2,980


Nature 442, 9 (6 July 2006) | doi:10.1038/442009a; Published online 5 July 2006

Top five science blogs

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Weblogs written by scientists are relatively rare, but some of them are proving popular. Out of 46.7 million blogs indexed by the Technorati blog search engine, five scientists’ sites make it into the top 3,500. Declan Butler asks the winners about the reasons for their success. Myers, a biologist at the University of Minnesota, Morris, puts his top rank down to “tapping into the broader areas of liberal politics and atheism” and a rich vein of “resentment against the reactionary religious nature of American culture”.

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