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1) O link abaixo precisa ser lido urgente mas toma tempo, pois ele se abre para outros links importantes. 


How to Make Your Business Blog Effective


A common mistake which most of the business blogs are making is, they try to copy the strategy which is used hundred of times, or losing it’s grip.A good idea is to create a strategy from ground level, and it will help you to write a new dimension of business blogging, and will be very useful to promote your online business.Read more: http://www.shoutmeloud.com/make-business-blog-effective.html#ixzz2Rm3n8tLV

Missao da Loja: Incentivar o desenvolvimento da Ciencia no Brasil. levando dos USA maerial educativo e equipamentos cientificos.

2) Tenho que identificar qual sera o tipo dos meus clientes e se chegaram a loja atraves do meu website, por que chegaram nele e que tipo de informacao procuram. Portanto, devo tentar ter um dialogo com os primeiros compradores.

3) Promotion is a good thing :

Mode of promotion is not the question to be answered, because anybody who is familiar with the internet and social media can suggest you many. You can use Facebook, Twitter, Google+ account. And many other channels to promote your content. This is a fun and easy way of doing the things in an output oriented manner. You will get a lot of experience and chances of experimenting with the promotional methods. People usually enjoy playing with them. Think of your blog as business asset, and promote it via few methods mentioned below: