5 Não-respondidas Questões Que Mantem os Físicos Acordados a Noite… E a Sugestão da Matrix/DNA

5 Unanswered Questions That Will Keep Physicists Awake at Night



By Clara Moskowitz | October 25, 2013

Abaixo segue o comentário que postei no artigo.  (Agora é só esperar pela chuva de ovos… se alguém ler o péssimo inglês e um assunto de um mundo que nunca ouviram antes)

26. Austriak 10:58 am 10/28/2013 ( Austriak é um dos meus pseudonimos)

Maybe I have food for thought here. I made a personal investigation about the deep secrets of universe and life’s origins calculating the reverse way of biological evolution and following beyond, through cosmological evolution.

How this galactic system produced the first cell system? Comparative anatomy and the mechanisms of Darwin’s evolution were the methods used for. The final result is a new model of galaxies, where the building blocks of galaxies have the same configuration and functions of the building blocks of DNA. My galaxy is a mechanical/biological galaxy.

Then, how the initial atomic nebulae produced galaxies? Same methods and the final result is a new model of atomic systems, with biological properties also.

Then, how the Big Bang produced atoms? Mÿ “big bang” have the same real facts that Physics have, but the interpretation is totally different. Then,this new world view has answers for some of those questions and suggests that other questions makes no sense.

I am supposing that Nature does not play dice with its creatures. And the Universe is not magical, it can not creating information from nothing. Then, the process used by Natural Universe for doing you, is the same process by which the Natural Universe was created: genetic reproduction. Yours own body began with a “big explosion” inside an ovule, did you forget that?

I know that at this time you will stop reading this post, because you still keeps the magical thinking, you believe that Nature has created the information of processes for creating natural systems by magics, from nothing or by some kind of God.

How the Universe is so balanced for life? Well… how the ex-universe world is so balanced for universes? Why the mother’s womb is so balanced for a new life? The logical answer is that the process that produces wombs so balanced for life is the same process that produced the Universe in its world.

What is dark matter? What is the substance called amnion that fits the womb? What cause the Universe to expand? Well… what causes a fetus to expand?

I am trying to say is that Physics must understand that it needs to realize its evolutionary jump, like Nature did from the physics’s realm to the biological and after that, to the conscious realm. The next step to physicists is learning Biology and joining with biologists, so, they will fills some of these gaps in our knowledge. The biological organization of matter works as feed-back upon quantum, particles, and cosmological dimensions. And after that, go to neurology, the brain’s sciences, because consciousness must have effects at those invisible realms also.

If a intelligent particle inside a cell of our bones try to understand its world, it never will go beyond the skeleton, and will believe that the physics of skeletons is everything that explains a human being.Sorry, but Physics alone never will build a Theory of Everything.
If you are curious about my models, search “The Universal Matrix/DNA of Natural Systems and Life’s Cycle Theory”. As I said it is merely food for thought by now and 1.200 articles at my website arrested as evidences e right previsions.

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