A Via Láctea é um Ser Vivo? Para Manter Este Planeta Habitável é Preciso Conhece-lo. Participe/Assista Este Debate.

Lancei um novo topico no Forum com link abaixo. Meu “portingles” com erros de concordancia suscita discriminacao nos leitores de lingua inglesa e o tema pe desconfortavel, pois todos ja tem sua visao de mundo e nao aprecia outras, que sempre vao parecer “estranhas”, portanto, criticas venenosas e depreciativas virao em primeiro lugar…  se alguem se aventurar a participar.

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The Milk Way Is A Living Being…?! (A Via Láctea é um Ser Vivo?)

Posted: Today at 12:04 AM – by TheMatrixDNA
” It is possible to mimic the entire process of sexual reproduction having six balls and a vortex floating at interstellar space. And every biological property seen at any living being. At least, it is possible in a theoretical design in paper, you can see it in Internet. 
The odds is that the design fits very well as the building block of galaxies and has the same configuration of the building blocks of DNA. So, there is a new theory suggesting that LUCA, the Last Universal Common Ancestor is at the sky and never was here at Earth, as thought Darwin. And it is LUCA for any kind of “life” that we will find in the Universe. Let’s go to debate our different theories? We can change informations, fixing our mistakes, and learn from each other. unsure.gif “
( Tradução: “É possível imitar o processo completo da reprodução sexual tendo apenas seis bolas e um vórtice pairando no espaço interestelar. E todas as propriedades biológicas vistas nos seres vivos. Ao menos, é possível num modelo teórico desenhado no papel, você pode vê-lo na Internet. 
O estranho é que o modelo cabe muito bem como tijolinho/unidade fundamental das galaxias e tem a mesma configuração do tijolinho/unidade fundamental do DNA ( que é um par lateral de nucleotídeos). Então, existe uma nova teoria sugerindo que LUCA – o Ultimo Ancestral Comum Universal – esta no Cosmos e nunca esteve aqui na Terra, como pensou Darwin. E que ele é LUCA para qualquer forma de vida que encontrar-mos no Universo.  Vamos debater nossas diferentes teorias? Nos podemos trocar informações, corrigir nossos erros, e aprender de cada um. “
Agora é só esperar as pedras e ovos chocos. O maior problema nestas discussões sobre visões particulares do mundo é que muitas pessoas não conseguem se ater aos fatos reais, sobejamente conhecidos e comprovados, sempre se perdendo em seus conceitos interpretativos e crenças enraizadas pelas tradições. Se eu posso ter criado uma nova fantasia sem nexo com a realidade, ao menos não encontrei ninguém ainda que tenha desaprovado essa teoria baseado em fatos reais. O que você acha?
Ok. I agree that the title “The Milk Way is a living being?” and the phrase “six balls in interstellar space… sexual reproduction” are weird enough for someone coming to this topic. How could a human modern mind accepting that the whole process of sexual reproduction at biological systems is merely a biological shape of a process that exists in electro-magnetic shape at the world of atoms systems,  and exists in mechanical shape at the building block of astronomical systems? Never, nobody, no human has published such idea. Our culture invented words and concepts that is leading human reasoning far away from the reality of Nature, in such way that the real description of natural phenomena becomes incredibles. One weird word is “life”.  Adding other weird word “origins” to “life” we have “origins of life”. But there is no origins of life, there is no origins of anything, at least inside this Universe. There is evolution from simple to complex, it is very different. Origins leads to magical think because it appeals to supernatural causes, appeals to events outside the long chain of causes and effects that began with the Big Bang, or before that. “Origins o9f life” is a erroneous concept that inhibits the Natural Reason of human heads and installs atheists or deists, magical thinking. For instance, calculating what happens with a nebulae of dust resulted from the death of a stellar system, and drawing the sequence of events, we get a final picture that is exactly equal to the pictures of embryogenesis, in which, first appears the morula, then the blastula, the fetus, embryo and a final human baby. At the space the picture shows a central vortex spinning, surrounded by dusts, which are swallowed into the “black whole”. Calculating the movements and transformations of this dust inside the vortex, we have a body as morula, blastula and as final product, a baby of an astronomical body. Everything mechanical and can be described by Newtonian mechanics. This initial baby falls into space yet surrounded by frozen dust and goes into transformations, becoming planet, pulsar, supernova, red giant and dies, fragmented into dusts. This is a process of life’s cycles, equal this one that produces transformations at human bodies. What is wrong is the current scholar models of astronomy. It is leading us to blindness, we can’t see ours ancestors 10 billion years ago. As result we needed to invent this stupid concept: origins. Inventing magical origins we needed inventing magical gods, magical probabilities, magical time, magical genes, magical evolution, magical natural selection, magical mathematics, magical non-existent formulas, and so on… The real natural chain of events was forgotten.
Ok. My method of investigation was formal logics guided by comparative anatomy between natural systems, 7 years at the heart of Amazon jungle observing connections and structural formation of systems. I am introducing what I got, but, as a naturalist philosopher extremely materialistic, I am skeptical of anything, so, I don’t believe in my results. They are under tests in the last 30 years, tests against facts and facing other kinds of reasoning from other kinds of cultures. I suspect that the suffering at the hells inside the jungle, the malarias several times, the poisons of scorpions and others kinds, maybe has distorted my brain and the results that I got could be totally wrong. But, maybe it is Nature, in its salvage and real state calling us back to her arms. So, bring on facts over the table, only facts, first. NASA images, infrared data, etc. Then let’s go to debate our different interpretations and different methods of connecting those facts. For instance: why do you cal DNA as “the genetic code” when I am seeing merely a big pile of a unique systems derived into millions of different individuals, like Humanity is 7 billions of different individuals derived from a unique structural system?! The word “code” leads to magical thinking (gods or probabilities are able to create message in genetics codes!),  while the word “diversification” keeps the human mind occupied with observable natural phenomena and so, keeps the DNA and genetics under pure natural reasoning.

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