The Orb Project. Mini-Consciências ao Nosso Redor? Verdade ou Engano?

Deparo-me com um livro curiosamente falando sobre o que estou buscando… ou não. Dois autores, um fisico PHD trabalhando na fisica de materiais na NASA, e outro um teólogo católico, dizem que obtiveram milhares de fotografias com maquina e método especial, mostrando esferas luminosas, coloridas, invisiveis ao olho humano e nas fotografias com maquinas comuns. Tais esferas denominam de “orb” e estão em todos locais a nossa volta, e depois de dezenas de anos de pesquisas ( segundo os autores) elaboraram teorias sôbre o que seriam. A principal, que se torna crença de um dos autores. é que tais esferas, são “seres espirituais”. Abaixo menciono o comentario de um critico do livro na, afirmando que os autores são charlatães, um seria pedófilo, etc., e que tais imagens nas lentes fotografias não passam de reflexos fisicos, portanto seria tudo fantasia. Tenho em mente este comentario porque – apesar de saber que existe uma patrulha ideológica contra tudo que vai contra uma doutrina dos céticos, e que existem pessoas que são impelidas a vociferar venenos internos através de palavras destrutivas – penso que devemos estar sempre alertas e ser agnósticos em relação ao que não dominamos o conhecimento de fato.

Abro este capitulo dedicado à pesquisa desse assunto, e para lembrar que preciso ler o livro.


Customer Review By P. Gotcher

Written by a physicist and theologian, it follows their own extensive experiments in orb phenomena. Since they used two very different experimental approaches, this led to some similarities (and some differences) in their interpretation of their outcomes. And in some respects, they left more questions raised than answered, which is, I guess, one of the outcomes of fairly rigorous exploration of a field that exists beyond our physical senses.

Be warned, this is not a woo-woo New Age book. It does contain excellent information on how to photograph orbs, as well as how to recognize “fake” orbs (and when the photographer might have accidentally chosen a setting that would cause him/her to take fake shots). It also contains some very interesting theories about what these things are, and why they’re here. in fact, Miceal Ledwith’s groundbreaking discovery that orbs are captured on the camera not by reflected light but by what is know in physics as “fluorescence” opens the way for scientific tools towards an entirely new understanding both of what orbs are and the realms they inhabit.

I have only 2 complaints… wish the type on the footnotes were a slightly larger font, and I do wish Miceal Ledwith had delineated some of the yes/no questions (and answers he got) when he worked with the hexagonal orbs. <G>

I can definitely recommend this if you’re interested in the phenomena.
Pam Gotcher

Comment by quarecuss

I have not read the book so beware.
Dr Ledwith formerly known as Monsignor Ledwith resigned from Maynooth seminary in Ireland following charges that he had abused young men, seemingly part of the pedophile scandals that have rocked that country. He seems to be a “chancer” in Irish parlance. He followed his clerical career by attaching himself to a new age cult in Washington state in the US, Ramtha’s enlightenment baloney. Look him up in Wikipedia. He’s a charlatan as most Roman Catholic priests are.
I admit I don’t know much about Heinemann but various pseudo scientists make a good living. 
I take thousands of digital photos too … of clouds … and in almost every one I see faces, figures, animals. It’s a common phenomenon know as pareidolia and is far more interesting than optical effect ‘orbs’. It’s purely physical, no spirtitual woo woo, just pure random, charming, intrigueing fun to play with.
By C on June 13, 2011
Format: Paperback

SEEING IS BELIEVING!!!! I ordered this book and I can hardly wait to read more!

For some those with a closed minds, orbs may likely NOT make any appeareances. I had read about orbs in the past, but really hadn’t given them much thought until a few months after my Dad suddenly crossed over. I had a personal encounter with orbs during late morning daylight hours!!!

Being a middle-aged woman, it was hard for my uppty neighbors to fathom that I could actually successfully repair rotting wood trim on one of my second story front windows. I took time off from work to accomplish this task. During this work, I thought often that my Dad (who was a skilled carpenter/mason) and/or others were all around me, especially as I was on and off an extension latter all week as I until completed the entire replacement/repair task.

At the end of the week, I decided that I had to take a few digital photos of the front of the house so that I could show my Mom the next time I visited her. I was taking the photos standing from the driveway pointing in a southwest direction toward the front of the house at around the 10 a.m. and there wasn’t any real reflection from the sun either, even though it was a beautiful sunny morning…sun would reflect off shiney surfaces or glass… I was in a hurry that morning and quickly became annoyed when what I “thought” something was in my eyes, my glasses or were something blotched on my camera lens, each of which I immediately wiped off and continued. I also rubbed my eyes to no avail, I saw these things with or without my glasses too, so I just took the photos. Imagine to my confusion when those spots appeared on each of the digital images! Each photo was different too, they moved around!!! I took my glasses off and put them back on and the orbs were still there and were definitely NOT reflections, noted by their changing positions in the each of the photos! THESE THINGS WERE CLEARLY VISIBLE TO THE NAKED EYE!!!! I even walked up closer to them too! If at any time I had ever had any doubts about orbs being REAL, they were completely GONE after this encounter! I have shown those photos to other people too. I don’t care what anyone else “thinks” I KNOW what I saw and felt as a presence that morning!!!!

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