O Sutil e Invisivel Processo que está Mecanizando a Mente Humana e como Atuar para se Defender

Nicole L.V. Mullis column: Makings of a resistance leader


Jan. 24, 2014

Uma adulta mãe preocupada com a influencia da tecnologia em nossas vidas, diz que sua resistencia ao uso desenfreado do facebook, ou levando seus documentos para a cloud do Google, etc., faz com que seus jovens filhos a vejam como um pré-historico dinossauro. Mas ela explica que essa resistencia foi devido em sua geração, a cultura ter sido invadida pela ideia de que as maquinas iraim controlar os humanos, como nos filmes da Matrix, Terminator, livros de Orwell, etc.  Bem, esse artigo publicado no link acima foi mais uma oportunidade para eu entrar divulgando a teoria da Matrix/DNA, por isso deixei la dois comentarios, que podem ser vistos no link abaixo, ou como estão copiados a seguir:


Louis Charles Morelli ·  Top Commenter · Queens

Our bodies, biological systems, were created by the most perfect natural machine, called “Milk Way”. I am not talking about the mind, yet. It is obvious that this whole biosphere is going to reproduce that machine, our bodies being merely a mechanical piece of the system. There is a mutation, from the aspect of our creator as closed system into the aspect of opened system, due the novelty of liquid state of matter and the rising of organic chemistry. So, the Admirable new World, under the rules of the Big Queen ( instead the big brother), is on the way, as went bees and ants societies. But… we are not lost yet. There is a novelty here, which is not seen at ours ancestors galactic systems: consciousness. It seems that came from somewhere above the galaxies, before the galaxies, because like a kind of software, it was not acting at atoms systems, it was sleeping at galactic systems, it began waking up at plants, animals and lifted up at humans. Consciousness arose still yesterday thinking in cosmological times, it is an embryo yet, inside our heads, it does not knows how to defend itself from falling prisoner of the destiny that is prescribed to our bodies. it did not open its own eyes for seeing its own body, its own substance, like any embryo. But… besides the fact that every embryo has parents taking care of it and I don’t know who is the parents of consciousness, the single fact that we have discovered the face of our material creator, how it works, and how works any genetic reproductive process, we can do something for helping this process, keeping the human mind free of that natural astronomical Matrix. Its face is showed at my avatar here, and explained by “The Universal Matrix or Natural Systems and Life’s Cycles Theory”, at my website. It is necessary everybody to give a look to the face of our ancestor that became the selfish gene as closed system and becoming vigilant, knowing what to do. But, the strategy encrypted into our genes and modelling our environment is not as you are thinking, the machines taking control of us. I will try explain it at the next post, it is very important…
Louis Charles Morelli ·  Top Commenter · Queens
There is a natural process towards “mechanization”, the ants and bees societies as better samples. But ants and bees are not conscious beings, then, this process is working by another strategy: the mechanization of human minds. It began when man got the first generation of computers. The human mind was the owner of information and inserted these informations as software inside the hardware. The hardware worked obeying these informations, but began having its own sensors for searching new informations. The electronic microscope, the telescope, the temperature measurers, etc. So, then hardware got informations and sent them into human minds. Based on these new information, the biological brain re-designed the software and sent the mechanical brain searching more information in Nature. Again, the mechanical brain sent new information to biological brain… which stopped to fell nature with its own limited sensors. Final result? The mechanical brain modelling the biological brain.

Our reductive scientific method is being driven by the mechanical brain to discover in Nature the mechanistic face of all objects, all events. Our world view is being mechanistically modelled. We are not seeing that an astronomical systems has a cover of phenomena organized by biological principles, we see only what constitutes the Newtonian mechanic description. So, it is becoming constant the academic elite of thought talking about “Something from Nothing” and we, anesthetized by this virtual mechanistic culture, does not grasp the absurdity of these claims. That’s is the threat surrounding our children in schools. That is the real natural Matrix. That is the threat for our future mind, the lose of its freedom. I have elaborated this theory because was living alone in Amazon jungle, so, as an almost monkey, the virus of this Matrix did not reached me. Maybe the words of a half-monkey are absurds for yours more evolved intelligence, but since we are most next ancestral than the Milk Way, we take care and are worried about the future of our offspring. I am telling you, take a little bit of yours time and see the face of the Matrix/DNA at my website.