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Where is Wall Street’s wealth going? Not the economy–where-is-wall-streets-wealth-going-not-the-economy

Corporate profits and share prices are at all-time highs, but companies have been tightfisted with their cash, reluctant to hire more workers or invest in new equipment.

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Louis Charles Morelli
30 minutes ago

How a non-economist, a naturalist phylosopher living at Amazon jungle and watching these things by Internet, think about it?


This is natural evolution at work. Unemployed workers ( as the preys) need to wake up that they must join into associations for buyng goods and creating their jobs, throught out the boycott to corporations ( as the pedrators). That’s sad, but the very fact is that Humanity still mimicks the rules of the salvage jungle and the instincts of our ancestrals animals, keeping the division of big predators ( the bussiness-man billionaire), middle predators ( the middle class) and the slaves workers ( the low class). So, this salvage capitalism instead going to a democratic capitalism.


What should be the stimulus for waking up the preys and leading them to real action – non-violent reaction? The preys does not have the capacity for joining forces due their genetics being dominated by the selfish gene inherited from the ancestrals, everyone trying to survivor alone by him/herself. A big tool favouring the nourishment of the selfish gene is religions, which drives the  “must be the love for humankind” towards the fear of ghost gods and imagined conspiracy with talking ghosts friends in the sky. But, if is there a God, He does not need you to be servant to Him, He prefers that you love and help yours brothers, which are His sons.


And the vampirism towards these preys is the cause that all ancestrals mafias installed at the power created civilizations, empires, that went down. Nature does not defend its creatures, but its vingeance is unavoidable. The preys need to begin understanding things like this one, for changing their mentality.


The other strong tool applied by those big predators is the traditional culture interpreting wrong each natural phenomena and saling these interpretations as mental control. It is administrated by scholar curricula today, made from the pseudo-scientific world view. See other world view and its interpretations of all natural phenomena, totally different, as the Matrix/DNA Theory. So, the preys need applying their idle time due unemployment into this corrections caused by this cultural millenar matrix.

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