Rãs Congeladas e Mortas Como Pedra, Retornam à Vida Miraculosamente… A Matrix/DNA Explica que é a Luz do Sol

A neve faz rãs congelarem até todos seus órgãos tornarem-se totalmente parados, inertes, quando ela fica dura como uma pedra. Você poderia atirar aquela rã-pedra na parede, soca-la de toda maneira, e ela continuará assim, morta. Mas então começa a primavera, a neve derrete, a luz do Sol invade a Terra… de repente a rã se move e sai saltitando, viva!

O que mais incomoda os cientistas que não conseguem entender o fenômeno ( pois isto seria a chave para se conseguir congelar corpos humanos e ressuscita-los mil anos depois), é que o coração não pode ressuscitar primeiro pois faltaria oxigênio ao cérebro, e o cérebro não pode ressuscitar primeiro que o coração, não haveria como a rã se tornar viva por partes. Tudo ( dos átomos às células aos órgãos) tem que ser ressuscitado ao mesmo exato momento! Como isto é possível?

A tempos venho acumulando evidencias reforçando que a minha teoria sobre a luz natural é real: veja no gráfico abaixo, a minha teoria de que a luz natural contem o código da vida, ou seja, ela ( as ondas de luz emitidas com o Big Bang),  foi o elemento criador da vida e todos os sistemas naturais. E o que eu tinha descrito como sendo o processo pelo qual a luz transformou matéria inerte em sistemas,  e sistemas funcionais, é exatamente a forma como descreveríamos a ressurreição espontânea da rã quando atingida pela luz natural do sol. Mais um fantástico ponto para a Matrix/DNA? Ou mera coincidência? Vamos ter muita pesquisa e testes pela frente…

A seguir está o link para um artigo com excelente vídeo mostrando o fenômeno das rãs. E a seguir está a explicação que postei naquele artigo, e depois, o gráfico da luz. E depois começa os registros da pesquisa que farei, com links para scientific papers, definições de termos técnicos e outras informações  

I Can’t Believe What I’m Seeing: A Springtime (Froggy) Miracle


Robert Krulwich – March 22, 2014 5:03 AM

From Louis Morelli:

The explanation is: the Sun’s light has the code for life. You can know how the code for life is encrypted into any natural light wave seeing the electromagnetic spectrum’s graphic at “The Universal Matrix of Natural Systems and Life’s Cycle”. Any light wave is shared into different frequencies or vibrations following a determined sequence, the sequence of life’s cycle. Penetrating at inertial mass ( like dark matter) light breaks the mass into slices, each one with a specific state of vibration. Then, these pieces free in the space are attract one to another in the same sequence, reproducing what was a light wave into a material working system. The frozen frog is the inertial mass which already contains its body assembled as a system. It is composed of sub-systems inside super-systems like fractals, all systems are reproduction from the initial light wave. What connects and give motion to the atoms, the particles into atoms, the atoms into molecules, molecules into DNA, etc., are photons, particles of light. The spontaneous invasion of a light wave coming from the sun connects all them immediately, leading them to move. It happens with any astronomical body: they are born as spheres of hot iron, these spheres falls into frozen space, the frozen stellar dust covers them, but when they gets int a star orbit, the stars light reaches the nucleus and the nucleus resuscitates as a germ of a new star ( going before that to the shape of pulsars). Its the light that wake up the inertial germ inside a grain of corn and bring it to life. Thanks by the information, I will research this phenomena with frogs, trying to improve the theory.

Light - The Electric-Magnetic Spectrum by Matrix/DNA

Nota:  Excelente post no artigo acima:

william cooper • 9 hours ago

“How else to explain the frogs awakening?”. Well yeah, if you look at a frog, or any expression of Nature, as a mechanistic bucket of bolts or separate things, it is downright confounding, huh?, how could such an amazingly complicated thing be orchestrated so perfectly? Science as yet does not have the answers, and the far reaches of Nature remain a mystery. Science has landed us on Mars and allowed us to walk on the Moon, but stop and realize this: it cannot make one blade of grass — and imagine how much more complex a frog is than that! Yes, Life IS a miracle, any way you slice it. Nature is full of wonders and mysteries which we thankfully cannot fathom, and perhaps never will, and an intelligent person will be humbled by the fact that we may never understand the Whole. I love people of science who were/are able to keep this awe, wonder, and humility about the miracle of life and Nature alive in thier work, such as Rachel Carson and Albert Einstein.


Icing Organs  – ( Longo artigo, terminar de ler)


Why scientists are so near and yet so far from being able to cryopreserve organs

antifreeze proteins (AFPs)


Antifreeze-Like Blood Lets Frogs Freeze and Thaw With Winter’s Whims


In nature the frogs consistently go through freeze-thaw cycles

Freezing organs isn’t an option, as the cells dehydrate.

Special proteins in their blood, called nucleating proteins, cause the water in the blood to freeze first. This ice, in turn, sucks most of the water out of the frog’s cells. At the same time the frog’s liver starts making large amounts of glucose—a type of sugar—which packs into cells and props them up. The concentrated sugar solution helps prevent additional water from being pulled out of the frog’s cells, which can destroy them. “Inside the cells there’s no ice,” Storey explained. “It’s just really, really, really dehydrated, all shrunk down osmotically and full of massive amounts of sugar.” Humans lack these nucleating proteins. So when our skin freezes, we get frostbite, which lethally sucks all the water out of our cells and causes them to collapse. “Even if you take the ice away, it’s way too late,” Storey said. “All the cells are broken because you haven’t made all that sugar. The frogs, however, enter a state of suspended animation. Inside the cells there’s thick sugary syrup, while outside the cells all the water is frozen. “It can stay like that apparently, no beating heart or brain activity or anything, until you decide to thaw it,” When temperatures warm and the ice melts, the frogs thaw. Water slowly flows back into the cells, blood starts flowing again, and the frog revives. In the lab, Storey said, ice thaws in about 20 minutes and the heart takes another 20 or 30 minutes to start. “Once the heart starts, it pumps the blood around the animal and the animal starts to revive, then it starts to gulp, then it starts to breathe, then it starts to hop away. So it takes a little while to reactivate after you’ve been frozen down,” he said.


Post postado no artigo acima: 

Ok,… thanks to Robert, the Matrix/DNA has opened new charter for research. The scientific knowledge about this phenomena and its useful practices will not be reached without the knowledge about the formula for natural systems and the graphic about living light waves, both pictured by Matrix/DNA Theory. Reading more accurate scientific articles, we learn that the re-animation is not from all organs suddenly and before frozen the liver produces “anti-freezing proteins- AFPs”. That’s a confirmation of my first suggestion described at the post below here, about the sun’s energy. It is missing to researchers working this issue the knowledge about natural systems, the formula for systems described by Matrix/DNA. I have discovered that proteins are the representative at biological level of the flow of informations contained in the energy that runs inside the systemic circuit performing the waves of time, while organelles and organs are representative of this flow in state of particles expressed in space. So, now it makes sense: the liver produces a copy of the whole systemic circuit, packed it in cells, and as this circuit is the same sequence of frequencies of light waves coming from the sun or from the Earth’s nucleus, the light waves fits as super-position over those proteins, waking up the system. But, as we can see at Matrix/DNA formula, the pieces of systems obeys the chronological time of life’s cycle sequences. The first piece at this sequence is the pump that replicates the anterior circuit, then, that’s why the heart of the frog begins to work first. To human bodies, the systemic circuit as waves of time is performed by the circular blood flow, that’s why the blood begins working after the heart. The problem for those researches is that they still are believing ( as said Willian Cooper in his post below) that natural systems as the human body as a mechanistic bucket of bolts or separate things. That’s why they need to know the first real and complete model of natural system pictured by matrix/DNA as a diagram’s software. Now I will studying each of those proteins, etc.




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