Incrível! Existe um Desconhecido Sistema Circulatório no Corpo Humano, e Ninguem Sabia Até Agora?! E envolvido no Cancer, Obesidade?!

Lendo agora êste longo “scientific paper”, em formato de pdf, para depois retornar aqui com minhas conclusões baseadas na fórmula da Matrix/DNA. Se isto for verdade, é revolucionario…, e vai bater com as previsões feitas pela Matrix/DNA há 30 anos atrás!Mas o mais importante é que se me fornecerem os traços deste complexo circulatório, posso monta-los e obter o sistema, baseado na fórmula da Matrix. Isto tudo em busca da eliminação de uma vez por todas destas mortais doenças que assolam a Humanidade.

Bonghan Circulatory System as an Extension of Acupuncture Meridians ( em pdf)

Mas… como sempre, ao mesmo tempo que se lê uma tese, é preciso ouvir a oposição, como este post dos céticos ( e ver os links sugeridos no post):

Not a lot out there on this, but given that the research originated in North Korea in the 1960s, its conceivable that it was ignored in the west and warrants further study.  There do seem to be other researchers that have made some headway to establishing that the structures observed exist and are not part of the lymph or blood systems.
That said, even if it were established that a third circulatory system exists, its probably a huge stretch to say that it corresponds acupuncture meridians.  First, it doesn’t look like there has been enough study to demonstrate that  this supposed system can be found throughout the entire body.  Second, we’re talking about structures that have to be dyed with a very  specific type of dye just to be discernible from surrounding tissue, and structures that are so small, they required modern tech to uncover. Third, I would think you could make the case that any system within the body ties in with  acupuncture meridians; blood, lymph or the nervous system (or can be made to tie in given the sheer number of differing meridian maps from the various “schools” of crapupuncture).


Primo-vascular system

The primo-vascular system (PVS) is a key component of the circulatory system, alongside blood vessels and lymph vessels. It is distributed throughout the entire body and is mostly made up of primo-vessels (PV) and primo-nodes (PN).[2]

Superficial primo-vessels, also known as Bonghan ducts and Bonghan channels,[3] were first reported in 1962 by the North Korean scientist Kim Bong-han. However, it was not until the late 2010s that other researchers confirmed Kim’s earlier findings.[4]


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