Uma Dose de Ânimo, Fundamentada na Realidade, Para Redobrares Energia, Ampliar Sua Sabedoria, e Continuar a Luta

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From “Learning Mind”

Why we are all one? Because in this Universe is occurring a process of genetic reproduction of a natural system since the Big Bang, and we, human beings – as all life forms that have developed consciousness – are like genes building just now this universal “conscious embryo”, which is reproduction from the conscious natural system ex-machine ( you can call it God, no problem) that fecundated this space’time through out the Big Bang. 

Why we know that? Of course, we don’t know, no human knows the ultimate Thru.  But, our actual knowledge of a big amount of data collected at natural phenomena end events, is logically pointing out towards this direction.  See how, data by data, step by step, at the Matrix/DNA Theory. And try to find a mistake or try to escape from thin logics. 

Don’t forget that at human’s embryo formation, all genes goes up to the brain, and from here getting personal consciousness, becoming a unique “personality”. And don’t forget that this “Natural Universal History” is just equal the total history of yours own beginnings during those 9 months of formation. The first moment of yours life was when an spermatozoon’s membrane  “exploded” at the center of an ovule, which was yours entire “universe” for 9 months. So, you was made by a process that is same image and sameness that was made this Universe. Yours real parents were outside yours little universe, waiting for you.

Is it merely coincidences? I think not. I read somewhere a phrase: “I am who I am. If you want know me, if want know how I think, try to know my production, my job.” What could be this production… if not the Universal Nature?

That’s why those that search, watch carefully, try to understand, Nature, any natural phenomena or event, and follows the findings of Natural Sciences, are more prompt and next to the Creator, than any religion – which is a tentative of smart way for trying to reach the supreme goal without the hard work required by who said that phrase. We have doing the hard work, including going to places that no white man went before, like the hearth of Amazon jungle, asking to those witnesses of life’s origins that still survives there, and the creator has revealed lots of secrets, being the most important, the universal Matrix/DNA natural formula, since its first appearance at this space/time, when the Matrix was merely waves of natural light. You must pick up this job, making those corrections of mistakes that we certainly did, and leaving it ahead… this is the human mission.

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