Rod Bell Expõe Interessantes Detalhes Sobre O Sistema Solar Como Perfeito Utero para Gerar a Vida


Everything Is Spiritual (Earth) – Rob Bell

E meu comentario postado neste Youtube:

That’s funny! A female with two legs has the right womb for creating a new life because a living female with four legs made all efforts for developing that womb. This historical event explains why Earth is fine-tuned for creating “life”. Living organisms are biological systems that was produced by an astronomical system – which is the “womb” for biological systems. If you know the Matrix/DNA Theory’s model for astronomical systems you will know how and why this astronomical system is half-mechanic/half biological, the right ancestral of organisms. Like reptiles and mammals with four legs were the right ancestors of humans. Everything at Earth and this solar system is fine tuned for biological life due the same reason my mother’s womb was fine-tuned for my formation. So, it is merely a matter of continued evolution.

Our ancestral – the building block of astronomical systems – has the same configuration and functionality of a base-pair of nucleotides which is the fundamental unit of information for biological systems. The differences between biological organisms and astronomical systems are due our ancestral was a closed perfect system and we are an opened non-perfect system. This brutal mutation happened due entropy attacking the astronomical system, producing internal chaos and a new state of matter ( the liquid state from where arose organic chemistry). But, since that the astronomical system works as a perfect machine, and still is “alive”, the local chaos where operates its genes is not enough for doing the premature abortion of its offspring. Still it is a perfect womb.If is there previous design, it was not made for creating astronomical systems fine-tuned for life because long before that, atoms systems were fine-tuned for creating such astronomical systems. But then, you need also see the theoretical model for “living” atoms, from Matrix/DNA Theory.