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Spirit Science 22 (Part 3) ~ The God Particles

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Light has the code for life and any natural system as you can see at this image here: Light – The Electromagnetic Spectrum as the Template of Vital Cycles, by Matrix/DNA ( google it, images). It is easy to understand how it works:
As any light wave propagates, it changes vibrations/frequencies.colors, like any human body under life cycle change its shapes, from fetus, to young, to seniors.. The sequence of energy’s states are the same, for light and living beings. Why? Because any light wave is the force that imprints dynamics into inertial spacial substance (mass or Higgs field or still, dark matter). A light wave breaks mass into seven portions, each portion vibrates as each frequency of that light wave. After that, those portions has the tendency to connect again into the same sequence. Each portion has a different behavior, which we call “a universal systemic function”. Connecting all those seven portions and we have a perfect working natural system. That’s is the origins of particles, atoms systems, astronomical systems, even the human body as system. That’s why the first original light waves emitted at the Big Bang had the code for life.( at Matrix/DNA Theory we have articles explaining it)


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+The Soft Glow of Brightly Burning Hope – Photons are small copies of the light wave that was broken in its smallest units/bits. Like yours babies are copies of you, when yours body is attacked by entropy and it begins to collapse into genes inside an ovule ou spermatozoon. Photons are copies with derivations from the original source – the light wave that was fragmented into photons. Like yours 5 sons are derived copies from you.Each of yours son is a different packet of information, different from all others brothers, that will influence the environment in its own specific way, so , this happens with photons also. Any light wave is a natural system, its seven different vibrations. frequencies. colors are its seven different parts/pieces/ organs. Photons have two specific behaviors/tendencies/bias: one inherited from the original light wave and its tendency and other built or trained by its own existential experience, accordingly the environment where it is nurtured. Yes, each photon is a natural working system, it is a specific bit of information that becomes material, solid information because it can penetrating electrons/protons inside atoms and driving atoms to new behaviors, connections, etc.
But… where i got these data from? First the method of comparative anatomy between living and non-living natural systems revealed the link between cosmological and biological evolution: a new “theoretical” model of the building block of astronomical systems, more complex than the model thought at modern schools. This link revealed that has a template – a systemic circuit of energy – that is the same template for atoms and cell’s systems. This template works like a formula, a natural formula for organizing mass/inertial substances into systems, applying the dynamic process of life’s cycles.Later, I discovered that this formula is present at any natural light wave. Then, studying light waves as “living things”, I arrive to the conclusion that photons are like light-genes, working as the first ancestors of our biological genes, which are packets of informations.
Is yours whole theory merely a creation of yours mind or a scientific fact? By now it is merely the theoretical result of my never experimented before methods of investigation applied during seven years at the heart of Amazon jungle, studying natural systems and its connections, trying to understanding the whole thing. it is a theoretical result, under testing facing real natural facts and can not be debunked by another theories, only by real scientifically proved facts. And, yes, this theory is suggesting that photons are the fundamental bits of material working information in these perceived Universe.
What kind of information can light/photons hold? The informations from the thing ex-machine that produced this Universe.Which is totally unknown for me. I have only a theory about what it is, based on calculations/projections of the real facts that I know in this world plus the theory resulting from my way of organizing these facts into a big final picture, which must be non-complete and maybe, everything wrong.


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I think there is a big problem here (reading the comments) about the word “information”. What should be the universal definition elected by a plebiscite containing all people and its opinions? The scientific community is the most working hard team studying the natural phenomenas linked to this word, but, since that a person trained to think “scientifically” has a specific approach, or specific method, different from the specific method of – to say – natives from jungle, or mystical religious people, or people from the new age, etc – and nobody knows what is the best approach ( we will know it only at the last day of human kind existence, when we will know which is the result of each approach), we don’t have a authorized universal definition. The debate among these different human’s world view is good as the prior debate necessary to the plebiscite. So, it is no right making affirmations about natural phenomena while appealing to the world “information” without explaining what is yours preferred definition of “information”.
The first source we have for looking what is the nowaday western’s culture most preferred definition is Wikipedia, but it contains no others cultures definitions, so, I don’t buy it. And modern western culture is modelled by the reductionist method called “scientific” from uniquely perspective of Physics. Then, Biologists have the obligation to conform information in genetics to fit the Physicist definition.But, who can say that the universe is true from the Physics perspective and not from Biology or Neurology or Psychology perspective?  Why is it necessary to relate brain and information from a Physics perspective? If you don’t do that, yours opinion is not accepted?!

I think words must be taken literally as its roots of origins. Information comes from roots that means: formation, as given shape, form, to something. It is a shape, a form, entering inside something and modelling its shape, its form. So, information is a natural force, a thing, a solid thing that acts over solid matter.

So, the Wikipedia definition seems to be half-right/half-wrong.:”Information (shortened as info or info.) is that which informs, i.e. that from which data can be derived. Information is conveyed either as the content of a message or through direct or indirect observation of some thing[1]. That which is perceived can be construed as a message in its own right, and in that sense, information is always conveyed as the content of a message. Information can be encoded into various forms for transmission and interpretation. For example, information may be encoded into signs, and transmitted via signals.”
It is wrong when transmitting the idea that the information is in the observer and not only in the thing being observed. Information is the force that gave shape and function to the object, prior the object being observed or not. Information is in the object, it acts only on the object, not in the observer. Our brain is not the central phenomena of informations, so, the abstraction of the brain is not to be transposed into information as if information should be abstract.

This definition makes more sense to me: Wikipedia: ” In Thermodynamics, information is any kind of event that affects the state of a dynamic system that can interpret the information.” But it is wrong saying “that can interpret the information”. A system can be affected or not by the material force of an information, and a system can act accordingly its individual interpretation of that information.

The first appearance in this Universe of “information” was in shape of ghosts vortexes ( quantum vortexes?). Each vortex has all seven properties of life in shape of brute natural forces, like acceleration or inertia, expansion or contraction, etc. Each  vortex is different from all others, due it is identified by a final number, which is the result of fuzzy logics due the interactions among those forces. So, you had the vortex 1,09586764532, and the vortex, 1, 974653421854, and so on. Each vortex is a specific and unique unit of information. Information about what? Of course: about the unknown thing that produced this Universe. These vortexes are the sources of light waves when they disappears, so, light waves are the carrier of that bits of information. Since photons are resumed light waves, they are unit of specific information. Information is a solid thing, a material force, a natural system, and not something created by our brains. What do you think?