Incrível! Vídeo de Bill Nye Atacando Religiosos e Sugerindo Revolução na Educação Alcança Meio Milhão de Comentários!

Incrível! Um vídeo publicado em 2012 já conta quase sete milhões de visitantes e o debate que se segue parece ser o mais longo da história do Youtube, pois já conta com quase meio milhão de comentários !!!

Mas o assunto do vídeo realmente é importante e faz parte da responsabilidade de todos os seres humanos conhecerem e tomarem posições participando do tema, pois disso depende o nosso e o futuro das gerações: qual a visão de mundo estamos pondo na cabeça dos estudantes, formando suas mentes.

É um combate ferrenho entre a recem-nascida mentalidade materialista e a velha mentalidade mistica que ainda governa a maioria das decisões sociais mundiais. São duas posições extremas, dois lados de uma mesma moeda, e no meio surge agora mais uma diferente e inédita posição, tentando tambem entrar na briga. Veja o vídeo, veja o comentário abaixo postado por essa nova visão do mundo, e reflita buscando sua posição, pois disso depende se nossos herdeiros irão cantar nosso sucesso ou chorar nosso fracasso.  Pois é a maneira como interpretamos a existência do mundo e nele, nossa própria existência, que determina nossos comportamentos e portanto, nosso destino.


Bill Nye: Creationism Is Not Appropriate For Children xxxxxx E o ultimo comentário postado pela nova cosmovisão “do meio”: 

Louis Charles Morelli – October 08, 2014

Darwinism is not equal the real observed natural phenomena of evolution. And Creationism is far away off the natural real world. The Universal Natural History can not be reached and understood by any human brain with these limited sensors in time/space. One need to see a system standing outside the system for understanding it, and nobody went outside this Universe… yet. Natural evolution is a observed phenomena when we see a simplest thing ( a morula, a blastula) transforming shapes and increasing complexity in 9 month. And it is easy to accept that Nature can amplify this individual phenomena, projecting it into populations transformations. But… we know that the force causing those individual transformations is something “invisible” inside the blastula, the fetus, etc.: DNA. So, why not the transformations from atoms systems to stellar systems to galactic systems to biological systems could not have a invisible force doing it?! Yes there is one, a natural universal formula for all natural systems, called “Matrix/DNA”, which is showed at “The Universal Matrix for Natural Systems and Life’s Cycles” ( Google it). It is not possible to understand in full, biological evolution ( which is merely another cycle of universal evolution) if not knowing cosmological evolution. And darwinism knows nothing about it. There are more four variables coming from the Cosmological Evolution, acting over biological evolution here – it is not merely the three variables considered now by Modern Synthesis ( VSI – Variation, Selection, Inheritance), which fill the gaps. They are natural laws and mechanisms coming from the electromagnetic dimensions, some of them described by thermodynamic systems theory. Our problem just now is that our official astronomic and atomic theoretical models are not complete, far away off the beam, so, the scientific community can not detect the evolutionary lings between cosmological and biological evolution, while Matrix/DNA Theory is suggesting a model of LUCA that fits the gaps. You can see the Matrix formula working into the shape of yours hands, as any natural systems, sub-systems and accessories, like the hands. You can see as elemental structure of atoms, galaxies and now, this new shape of system called ‘consciousness”. You can see the formula inside a lateral pair of nucleotides, the fundamental unit of information of DNA. That’s due DNA is merely the biological shape of something coming from since the Universe’s origins – the Universal Matrix. The first shape of this Matrix we see at the spectrum of natural light waves, so, the original light already had the code for Life. We see evolution here, but it is not the whole history. The phases of evolution are steps of a bigger universal process: reproduction. Inside this universe as a kind of big cosmic egg, is occurring a genetic process of reproduction. Reproduction of what?! Obvious: the Unknown system that generated this Universe. We can not know it.So, while this discussion among theories ( Darwinism, Creationism, Matrix/DNA, etc.) is necessary and good for stimulating the search for more knowledge towards the final thru, it is not rational the offenses, fundamentalisms. Never forget it: our little brain is not equipped for grasping the thru about the system we are inside it. The most rational method for inquiring this mystery is observing what Nature shows here and now, and then, calculating what must be where and when we can not reach. I myself don’t believe on my elaborated theory – The Matrix/DNA – because I bet that it is not complete, it can not be completed by my little brain. My fellows at this mission, the search for our existential meanings: “Try to understand that beliefs are products of Nature and personal specific experiences hard-wiring the connections among neurons and providing informations, some of them false, others real – and only bringing on to the table real natural approved facts and events, can help the Humanity inits evolution. E outro comentario postado: 

Louis Charles Morelli – October 08, 2014

“…if the beginnings of life were not random, they must therefore have been the product of purposeful intelligence.” (Sir Fred Hoyle, highly respected British physicist and astronomer)” Have been normal that human’s goes first to the two extremes of any issue, and finally reaching the middle term, where relies the final thru. Like Nature goes from the extreme hot to the extreme could for reaching the middle state good for life. Here, about the universal meanings of existence, humans have going from extreme infant phantasies ( creationism) to extreme materialism ( Modern Synthesis for Natural Evolution). Sir Fred Hoyle is dancing between these two extremes, so, if it is not randomness, must be divine intelligence. The third hidden alternative, the real thru, must be in between and lots more complex. My suggestion is that when we have a big unsolved mystery, and the known theories are extremists, we need ask it directly to Nature. And Nature shows to us that the life of a baby giraffe has not beginings at random, but… it is not product of mother’s giraffe intelligence either. It is merely a long chain of causes and effects known as genetic process.So, tell us the pure rational thinking, that we must search this genetic process as responsible for emergence of life at any planet of the Cosmos. The long chain of causes and effects has coming from the simplest to gradual more complexity (it happens here, facing our eyes: the embryonary morphogenetic event), so, the genetic process must be under evolution too. It must be coming from cosmological evolution, non-living world. Here relies the third hidden alternative, which must be the final thru. No randomness, no intelligent designers. Nature does not plays dice with her creatures.Ask her, She will tell you the thru, showing to you her production here, and revealing that how She does things here, is how She did things at the origins of this Universe and life here. See what you can discover, yourself, doing that, as I did. See the solution that I discovered after seven years asking the last remained life’s origins witnesses that still are alive at the heart of Amazon jungle, and published at my website: The Universal Matrix/DNA Formula for natural Systems and Life’s Cycles”. But, be advised, my findings are not the final real thru also. I have watched only the half-face of Nature, which  is the chaotic face that produced this salvage biosphere.We know that there is another half-facem the ordered state, when we lift our eyes and see this solar system and galaxy working as a watch.And even if we get the real theoretical model of the ordered Cosmos, we know that we don’t get the final thru yet. Chaotic and ordered states are the two extremes again, the final thru must relies on a third hidden more complex alternative. Today we can build theoretical models about the structure and evolutionary history of the Cosmos, as the scientific astronomers community are doing. They must be not complete, even wrong, since we have our brains hard-wired by the chaotic state, never experimenting the ordered state of Nature. So, the astronomers are projecting the laws and mechanisms of chaotic states when building their astronomical models. There is only a unique way for getting a little bit closer to the final thru: making comparisons between the ordered state and the chaotic state, extracting a third theoretical model. I did it, after 30 years of calculations, but… the final results are suggesting that it is not materialism, it is not randomness and it is not intelligent design: it is something never imagined before. Remembering that this model is not complete, it must have lots of errors, so, we must no believe on it. xxxx E como resposta a este post do Fallible Fiend:

Fallible Fiend – 4 weeks ago (edited)

When I taught at university, I warned students against cheating, but some would do it anyway.  They were always shocked that someone who understood the subject could detect their cheating, even though it was obvious.  They changed variable names and other things to mask their copying, but to no avail!  When you lie to somebody who understands, the lying is obvious!  Creatioinsts use quote mines and thereby misrepresent the scientists without caring that they are misrepresenting them!   Being caught in their intellectual incompetence is what’s making them so frothing in fraudulent Arjunasquirtz these days!  


Louis Charles Morelli – Octuber 09, 2014

To Fallible Fiend: “They were always shocked that someone who understood the subject could detect their cheating, even though it was obvious.”

Are you conscious about the virtual cultural matrix 10.000 or more years old built by human inheritance of animals’ instinct? I am talking about this culture that rules ours social systems, shared into big predators (the high class), medium predators (  medium class) and preys ( the slaves workers), mimicking the rules of the salvage jungle? The invention of religions is a good support for this culture due being good strategy for predators keeping slaves.  If yours students were shocked when facing reality it means they believed in it and came from middle class ( conditioned minds) because the high class knows that they are cheating. I will suggest a fantastic discovery from Matrix/DNA Theory for explaining how this virtual matrix works: I watched natives “shamans”  of Amazon jungle when taking their hallucinogenic beverages describing the same picture that very ancient people from Asia used as foundations for their mythos. The big surprise and question for me was: how could it be?! Ok, the first answer is that those people from such different places and time drunk same drugs. But, why this “altered visions” could be the foundations for religions? How they entered a brain dominated by animals instincts and survive together inside the brain?! One possible but surprising answer came when I arrived to Matrix/DNA formula for natural systems… like brains. The formula is suggesting a picture of LUCA ( the Last Universal Common Ancestor), which should be the evolutionary link between cosmological and biological evolution. This “luca” never stood at Earth’s surface, because it is the building block of astronomical systems, like this one that earth belongs to it. Another big surprise is that LUCA was described in full by those mythos. LUCA is a thermodynamic system working as perfect machine described by Physics, ( Newtonian mechanics plus general relativity) using a kind of words, metaphors, symbols, but, The Eden Paradise is the same thing described by another kind of metaphors, words, symbols! Same thing for the world view based on the symbols of I Ching. How could it be?! The explanation is rational, pure natural logistic. Systems as atoms, stellars, galaxies, are species and as such they are our evolutionary ancestors, like the species as bacterias, amoebas, reptiles. All these species are registered into our DNA’s memory. There is DNA for biological systems, but it came from another kind of “DNA” existing as building blocks for non-biological systems, which name I prefer “universal matrix”. ( The inanimate systems are registered at the junk DNA). So, when someone have altered states of brain, like those produced by drugs, this memory comes as flashes, scenes, and each people try to interpret it by its own way. You can see the seven symbols used for building the fable of Adam and Eve at the Eternal Paradise, inside a building block for any natural system, a perfect natural machine, described also by thermodynamic theory. Since that this astronomical building block is reproduced as the fundamental unit of  information called “a lateral pair of nucleotides”, you can now understand why these memories are inside our neurons. Look to LUCA at my website, and you can identify there, the serpent, the apple, the tree, the perfect paradise for Adam and Eve – which were the astronomical evolutionary state of X and Y chromosomes about 4 billion years ago! You will still understand what really was the Fall, and why the entropic force produces biological systems like me and you here. I think that once time this whole theory will be approved, it will destroy those mythos that are the foundations of all religions, forever. But… be aware: the world vision that you are teaching could be another kind of cheating the reality also. And it is, if this new theory will be proved right. So, like you can not see the virtual cultural matrix acting over you, don’t be surprised that yours students are shocked facing reality.

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