Organizações Estudantis das Universidades Americanas Podem Convidar Palestrantes. Boa Oportunidade para Matrix/DNA?

Noticia obtida no site do Pharyngula:

“…understanding that the University has to and should open it’s doors to any viewpoints that can persuade students to have them…”

“State universities are public places, and they generally have policies to allow student organizations to use meeting rooms for all kinds of purposes. This is a good thing. That sometimes student groups have stupid purposes and bring in speakers or organizations with anti-scientific goals is a side-effect of a policy of openness. It’s regrettable that a pack of idiots are slipping in by following the rules, but if you arbitrarily reject them, what are you going to do next time a student group brings in an atheist, or an environmentalist, or a labor union organizer, or a drug legalization advocate? Someone will complain. Someone always complains.

Resumo: Esta poderia ser uma maneira de testar e divulgar a Matrix/DNA. É preciso ver regulamentos, etc. Segundo o post abaixo, organizações estudantis podem ser “sponsors” de um palestrante, mas parece que geralmente fazem isso para arredadar fundos, ou seja, o palestrante paga.

Devo então:

– Procurar Google: Student Organization

– Tentar contacto bolando um e-mail e enviando a todos

– Resolver problema do tradutor

– No Brasil, google, Uol, Terra, etc, procurar: Organização Estudantil

Mais informações no  Pharyngula:

“… it sounds like Michigan State has a policy that events have to be organized through a student group and that in this case the student group may have been duped, or not involved in organizing the event. Depending on the language around student group events in their rules, they may have grounds to stop this event based on it not actually being organized by a student group. Of course, cancelling it at this stage in the game would be a very bad idea and only give publicity to the Creationists and fuel for their “Expelled” style arguments. So they should not cancel. But they may want to look into their student group guidelines and how student groups are being trained on implementing them (student group organizers at my alma mater had to go through an orientation class that could cover things like this) to insure they don’t allow themselves to be used and manipulated by outside groups.

We had a rule that anyone coming on campus has to be sponsored by a student group and, while I don’t know exactly how it worked, I believe student groups used it as a fundraiser: “your bank wants to hand out t-shirts and credit card applications? Sure, give us $500 and we’ll sponsor you”, or something like that. What this led to was  Scientologists setting up a tent to give e-meter readings and what not after paying a student group to sponsor them (there was no student Scientology group). Eventually there were a lot of complaints, someone probably spoke to the student group, and I don’t know what exactly happened but they stopped sponsoring the Scientologists and it seemed, at the time, that they did so because they were embarrassed that they were being associated with Scientology and not because they were coerced. Whether that’s an accurate perception, I don’t know, but it was strong enough that there was no outcry of censorship at all.



Dos Criacionistas do Creation Summit:

Webpage da Sonferencia(summit…?):
We may have been banned from the classroom,
but banned does not mean silenced. By book-
ing the speakers, and renting the facilities, we
still have an impact.

Creation Summit is visiting major college and
university campuses throughout the country,
bringing world renowned scientists before the
students. Scientists with tangible proof and
viable evidence. Many, for the first time ever,
are discovering that the Bible is true – That
science and Genesis are in total agreement…

 O que é “booking the speakers”? E é preciso o “renting the facilities”?