Evolução das Galaxias: Veja Diferenças entre o Modelo Teórico Academico e o Modelo da Matrix/DNA


From: One Universe at a Time



Importante artigo onde pela primeira vez vejo os academicos falando em evolução das galaxias e sugerindo que galaxias mudam quimicamente à medida que evoluem. A seguir um comentario que postei no artigo:

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Evolution of galaxies! About this issue, there is a new astronomic theoretical model called “Matrix/DNA Theory”. It is totally very “weird” since that is different from the official academic model, like the heliocentric model was different from the geocentric model.

While the academic mindset makes models starting at the Big Bang for calculating cosmological evolution, Matrix/DNA made the reverse way, starting from biological systems today for calculating “universal evolution” till arriving to the Big Bang. This method makes no sense from academic view point, I know, but it is the best method from a naturalist philosopher view point. Biological systems ( aka “life”) is merely continuation from cosmological evolution, since that life here was produced by this galaxy and inside this galaxy.

The chemical evolution of biological species brought complexity. Why not the newest galaxies could be more complex than the first ones? New galaxies have seven principals shapes of astronomical bodies, including pulsars, quasars, black holes, but, the first ones maybe had only stars and planets, stellar systems. This is just what Matrix/DNA models are suggesting. Other important issue is that must have two different processes for formation of galaxies, like there two different processes for formation of cells’systems. The first cell was formed by symbiosis, then the cells learned how to replicate themselves. So, the matrix/DNA model for galactic formation is by symbiosis also and its big problem now is to calculate how the galaxies went from the first to the second process, and this is the problem that we can’t testing the model now.

Darwinian theory of evolution have lots of gaps due it does not applies the mechanisms of cosmological evolution plus the mechanisms of biological evolution discovered by Darwin. And the other way is also true: the academic current astronomical model of cosmological evolution have lots of gaps because it does not applies the mechanisms of biological evolution. I know it is very difficult applying VSI ( variation, inheritance, selection) upon astronomic systems, but, if you does not believe that these mechanisms emerged here by magics, you must accepting that they were there, at our oldest ancestors.

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