Stephen Hawking diz que Inteligencia Artificial é a nova ameaça à Humanidade, e a Matrix/DNA Explica Porque


Stephen Hawking warns artificial intelligence could end mankind

Sure, Artificial Intelligence May End Our World, But That Is Not the Main Problem

HAL 2001

Stanley Kubrick’s film 2001 and its murderous computer HAL encapsulate many people’s fears of how AI could pose a threat to human life ( BBC News)


Meu comentario publicado na Wired: 


Stephen Hawking told that based on a critic that I made about him. The computer ( the electromechanic brain) which he is totally dependable for living, communicating and even thinking, has surpassed and dominated his biological brain, the result is his theoretical construction of black holes theories, multiverses, so on.

What’s intelligence? It is the identity of any system, The abstract thing that emerges as a new phenomena due the sum of informations of all parts plus the informations generated among the parts by fuzzy logics. It is the abstract “mind” in relation to human bodies. And what system created the terrestrial biosphere which produced human beings? A machine. The solar system. is is comparable to a watch, Newton saw it. But, the solar machine was created by another bigger and more complex machine which is the building block of galactic systems. If you see its model made by Matrix/DNA Theory, it is the most possible perfect machine, really a kind of perpetuum motor. So, we are transforming biosphere into a machine system, which will be the body, preparing the terrain for the emergency of the identity of this system , which is artificial intelligence, linked to electro-mechanic brain. Humans will be merely pieces performing a machine function.

We have discovered that the fundamental unit of information of the DNA – a lateral pair of nucleotides — is exactly the reproduction of the building block, the fundamental unit of information, of astronomical systems. So, our creator is inside us, registered at our genetics, and as a code inside the environment that is surrounding us.  There are no doors for us escaping. It is pure inherited genetics from our ancestors, we are merely tools in a cosmological reproduction process.

But,… still, there is hope, an opportunity for us. The very fact that we have discovered the face of our enemy, is a promise that we can trace an strategy against him.  And we humans gained something that our creator machine does not have: consciousness. Because the bits-informations for consciousness are free in the air, but, coming from a system far bigger and beyond the galaxies, from the deepest universe. Matrix/DNA Theory has a good explanatory suggestion about the source of these informations, which is another natural system. My hope is that more people get knowledge and understand what is this “matrix” and it will be enough for our salvation.



I can’t understand why people did not perceive that what happens between Hawking and his computer is the first and most perfect singularity! Let’s see if I am wrong:

1) 40 years ago, Hawking in good health, with his brains’ sensors capturing informations from Nature, he inserted these informations into a computer linked to external mechanic sensors that were extensions of Hawking sensors – like telescopes, electronic microscopes, measurers of temperature, density, etc. – and sent this computer inside a satellite for capturing data from places not reached by Hawkings sensors.

2) The electronic brain came back with those informations and gave it to Hawkins, who was still good health. With that informations hawking improved the computer and sensors and re-programed into sending it for more distances, while here the electronic brain was invading the microscope world for informations.

3) Again, Hawkins reprogrammed the computer now with informations totally got by the electronic brain. Hawking began falling sick.

4) Finally, the Hawking’s sensors were totally replaced by computer’s sensors and Hawking’s brain attached to the computer, totally electronic brain dependable. There was a process of feed back between Hawking’s brain and the electronic brain in a way that the computer began to drive the process.

For Hawking’s brain and sensors, totally out of the game, the unique occupation now is excess of Mathematic’s that leads to Metaphysics, as he is theorizing about multiverses and about never seen ghosts black holes in the sky, at galactic nuclei where there is merely a spiral vortex, as suggested by Matrix/DNA’s cosmic model made by a half-monkey in Amazon jungle because the monkey still have intact his natural original brain and sensors.

Hawking was the advice, unfortunately he got the disease and made the sacrifice for advising us. Now the individualist process occurred with Hawling is being projected at the level of the whole collective specie. The academic Standard Model beginning with a mechanistic big bang like the first motor began with the first engineering explosion and the whole interpretation of cosmological evolution is not the history of a Universe that creates life, but the faithful and complete history of the machine till the electronic brain… because it is being built by this brain through computer simulations, etc. Wake up, my friends… The Universal History by Matrix/DNA uses only proved data but is very different: here life is everywhere and all time.


Here’s a thought. OK, the machines have Super Intelligence and Have made Singularity. They will want to do away with us because they don’t have emotions and they feel like we are unnecessary to them.

Well, If they don’t have Empathy, start now and program them to Have Emotions. Program Empathy into them. Program into them a STRONG MORAL core. They will have the abilities to know Right from Wrong much better than us. They could literally be SAINTS. They don’t have our weaknesses. I plan to get a Pepper robot. It has emotions as well as many other robots that are made in 2014-2016.

I believe that the threat of them coming after us will be remotely minor. I believe that Smart robots will be our friends and enhance the world.

As far as them taking over our jobs, it will be just like when the computer revolution happened in 1975. They will do away with some of our jobs. But, they will create many jobs for us at the same time. So there will be a Shift. But over all, they will help us and enhance us.

Humans are starting to have more robotics enhancements and robots are starting to have more human qualities. At some point they will Merge. When that happens, we have to be careful of the robot with the HUMAN brain. The Human brain is a weakness. This will be more of a threat.


Strong moral code? That’s should be a good idea, but, only if we starts now, before too later. In the process of feed-back between biological brain and mechanical brain, the mechanical will surpass the biological because it has more potent sensors. Its “existential purpose” will be: 1) getting the eternal thermodynamic equilibrium as perfect closed system; 2) Self-recyclation due natural degeneration by entropy; Its own moral code will be in this direction.

Can you see others existential purposes? If not, any machine with AI will do what ours ancestors astronomical systems did: looking for an interstellar point with null gravity, building its body with impenetrable armored and standing there eternally. So, we will lose them? At least, we will lose the first generation, and will learn how to programme the next generation for not doing the same.

This is another possible destiny that I saw nobody thinking it. The big difference between humans and all others animals and any intelligent machine is that we feels the needs to continuing being opened systems. We are product from a biosphere as opened system that was produced by the state of chaos produced by entropy attacking our closed galactic astronomical system – which has as building block, the most complete and perfect machine. Our genetics has the final bias to reproduce the celestial creator, so, we should have the tendency to become a closed system.

But, by an unknown yet cause, we suffered a severe mutation and our brain are developing a fetus of a new kind of system that our ancestor did not have: the mind, or consciousness, or the set of thoughts… It is a fetus because our mind have no eyes yet for seeing its own body, it does not know what substance is made off. And is this new system that needs us as opened system, because it needs develops to embryo, to adult, etc. But, the emergence of AI could mechanizes our brain and this fetus would be a prisoner or be aborted dead.

Ok, this is my thoughts just now and based upon the Matrix/DNA Theory’s world view. Did I everything wrong here? Any comments?


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