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The Incredible Edible DNA

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Abaixo um pedaco que me interessou:

” I have read an estimated chance of a DNA arising on its own from purely natural processes. It was 10 to the 119,000th power to 1, that it would ever happen. Let me put that into perspective. The evolutionists, based on their Big Bang estimates, which is a completely bogus theory (See The Big Dud Theory for more details), suggests that our visible known universe is 15-20 billion light years across. If I were to convert that distance to inches, our visible known universe would be 10 to the 28th power in inches alone. 10 to the 29th power would be 10 times out visible known universe. Keep in mind, and I’ll say it again for emphasis, that it would 10 to the 119,000th power to 1.

DNA clearly shows the amazing ability of the Creator of the Universe. I remember sitting in on a seminar of Dr. David Menton, a retired professor of anatomy at Washington University School of Medicine in St. Louis, PhD in cell biology, who said, “I spent decades in research on the human body. I just got to a point as I retired that I was beginning to appreciate the massive complexity of the human body. And then I have people come along and try to tell me that it arose by random chance? That is an insult to my intelligence.”

E tem uma interessante critica na maneira como feito o mapeamento do DNA pelo Projeto Genoma (claro, sendo criacionista, o autor critica o uso que os evolucionistss fazem do mapeamento para afirmar a teoria da evolucao) 

Interessante para pensar tambem e’ o comentario abaixo do mesmo artigo:

Everything to do with Liberty

This blog has everything to do with liberty! There are people out there that are hiding behind Pseudoscience and trying to sequester the truth about creation from the public. The agenda is obvious to the informed person, if there is no creator that we must answer to, then we can set our own rules to live and to govern by. Civilization as we know it started out of the post flood generations that had sunken into anarchy and tribalism. For hundreds of years men lived in a dark world where every tribe or group of people made up their own rules. It was not until God supplied us once again with a moral compass and a moral foundation that we began to grow and prosper. Every major culture in the world has a moral foundation on which their laws were based. If you take away the foundation without replacing it with a stronger one, then it will crumble and break apart.

I believe that we in the Western World have enjoyed and benefited from the greatest moral foundation that has ever existed on earth. Most of the achievements that we see today, including the great scientific advances, have sprung out of the freedom that was based on the God given equality and rights of men as guaranteed in our Constitution and our Bill of Rights. Anyone who is actively trying to destroy that foundation and deny those rights is an enemy of our Nation. Those that are trampling on creation and true science in order to push the agenda of the so-called “Progressives” is exactly the type of people that we need to fight against in this Country.

Modern Evolutionist are doing exactly what they have accused Christians of doing for years. They are using their State sponsored religious beliefs to control or silence anyone that disagrees with their faith. By focusing the fear of the public at large on the dangers posed by the creation of a Christian Theocracy they have very effectively installed a Humanist Theocracy. They are using the hammer of hypocrisy and the chisel of psychology to chip away at the very thing that has made us into a great Nation.

If you do not believe in the foundation that this blog was written on, then you have already lost your liberty and there is little hope for this Country.

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De fato, e’ dificel desvendar a passagem do animal troglodita para o agrupamento em tribos e nacoes. Apenas com o recurso das forcas naturais, nao vejo ainda como isso pode ter ocorrido, e a ideia de um Codigo Moral vindo de fora realmente poderia ter sido a causa. Assunto para pesquisar…