Texto resumido para apresentar a Matrix/DNA em linhas gerais

Texto resumido para apresentar a Matrix/DNA em linhas gerais:



Comparative anatomy of all natural systems – from atoms to galaxies to human bodies – suggests that all these systems are variations from a unique system that began at The Big Bang in shape of quantum vortex turning on waves of light. There is a common denominator to all these systems which is the Matrix/DNA formula. As result we conclude that this Universe is composed by bodies of an old ancestor species – galaxies – which are the hosts for biological systems ( aka life) and this Universe is a kind of amnion/placenta where is occurring a normal genetic/computational reproductive process of the unknown natural system that produced it. So, DNA is not a code, there was no origins of life and universes, consciousness is the new evolutionary shape of this universal system, galaxies are like dinosaurs that choose the wrong evolutionary way turning into closed system and then, discarded by evolution. Evolution is not merely biological, because the same mechanisms drivers cosmological and biological evolution and LUCA – the Last Universal Common Ancestor of all “living beings” never existed at Earth, but it is the astronomical system to which Earth’s belongs to. The building block of atomic and astronomical systems – the Matrix – is encrypted into the RNA/DNA as a lateral pair of nucleotides, which is the building block of the DNA. Humans are like mentalized genes building the new shape of this universal system, which now is an embryo of a cosmic consciousness. This is a general theory accumulating thousands of evidences everyday but, still under testing, because it is scientifically falsifiable. More informations and collaborations for developing/testing this new world view at theuniversalmatrix.com


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