Astronomia: Novamente outro golpe na Teoria Oficial

Hubble Discovers a Strange Collection of White Dwarf… Dwarfs

Small helium white dwarfs can be caused by a binary partner (NASA)

A collection of very odd white dwarfs have been discovered in a local globular cluster. Twenty-four white dwarfs (18 of them are new discoveries) have been spotted. Although these degenerate stars aren’t exactly an uncommon (they are the small sparkling remnants left over after star death), this particular set are unique (os grifos em vermelhos sao meus, sinalizando onde o fato contraria a teoria); they are made from helium, rather than the “standard” carbon and oxygen. And they are small, even smaller than the smallest dwarfs.

How did this dense cluster of old stars evolve? It turns out their stellar material is being stolen, stifling their development… ( que esforco em salvar a teoria! Porem projetam as coisas humanas – tais como roubo e ladroes – a nivel de Cosmos!)

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